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How to Change Follower Skills Diablo 3

How to Change FollowerSkills Diablo 3

There are a lotchanges in Diablo 3 comparing with Diablo 2, followers are one of these. Thereare many question on followers, this article will tell players
how to change follower skills in Diablo 3.

Followers are thenew name of the hirelings that also appear in Diablo III. They have beenrevealed to have been improved much in the development process, includingcustomizable skills and new appearances that change by leveling up and beingequipped.

There are threefollowers available in Diablo III: the Templar, Scoundrel, and Enchantress.Each have their own reasons for fighting and a storyline that will progress in,but not detract from, the main story arc.

In Diablo 3 forthe PC, you can change the skills of your companions at any time for free, andyou don’t even have to go back to town to do it. This is a nice feature,because it allows you to play around with different play styles. You can switchyour Templar from melee DPS, to tank healing before a boss, etc.

Players have toright click their portrait in the main window, not the follower window (defaulthotkey F). There will be an option called "Retrain" which will letyou redistribute her skill choices. This is absolutely free and has nocooldowns or anything like that, by the way.

Make sure they'rehired (following you), then right click on their portrait in the top left ofthe screen. The option to reset their skills comes up in that list.

All you need todo is right click on your follower’s portrait in the upper left hand corner ofthe screen. One of the options there should be Retrain, which will reset all oftheir skills. Hit the F key (assuming you have it mapped as the default buttonstill for the Follower inventory screen) and select the skills you want them tohave.

Much like theplayer character classes, followers are able to learn a few skills or spells atspecific level milestones. Not much is known about the skills, currently,besides their names and when they are unlocked. Players may choose one skillfrom each tier.

Follower skillscannot be modified by runes, and they only have one rank. 3 gold )

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