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How to Obtain Rare Archaeology Rewards on World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft's newest secondary profession, Archaeology, is more than just a time waster where you find gray items to sell. The profession also offers well over a dozen rare rewards, found across each racial "branch." These rewards vary from fun items and cosmetic rewards to powerful weapons and trinkets that can be used in end-game content.Although there are conflicting reports, it is understood that a rare item can also only be discovered and completed once per player.

Fossil Rare Rewards---Fossilized Hatchling

Companion Pet
This small, skeletal raptor pet is a miniaturized version of its larger namesake, the Fossilized Raptor.It shares the same large-headed cuteness that other raptor mini-pets do, but without the need for skin, muscle, or eyes to make itself your best friend.

Fossilized Raptor---Ground Mountcheapest legit us wow gold , 24/7hours support, 100% Satisfaction!

This skeletal raptor (the same size as others found in the game, such as in Wetlands) is a special rare ground mount requiring epic riding (150 skill). It possesses a unique sound file and utilizes the same animations as other riding raptors.Full Bank Of Wow Gold, Safe Cheapest Us/Eu Wow Gold Store

Dwarf Rare Rewards---The Innkeeper's Daughter

Companion Pet
The Clockwork Gnome is a miniature mechagnome, one of the original forms of the gnomes of Azeroth as they were created by the Titans. This gnome does little more than follow you around, but makes a great companion for Jeeves and the technologically inclined.

Chalice of the Mountain Kings

Item Use: Witness a historic sword dance.
This usable item on a 10 minute cooldown summons forth four Dwarven women from the past, who enact a short dance scene for the player (and others around them). (Wow Gold EUR) (Wow Gold) (Wow Gold Eu) (Wow Gold Us)