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Reasons for Playing DemonHunter in Diablo 3

Although DemonHunter is no so popular as Barbarian, but it’s still worth playing, here are
reasons for playing Demon Hunter in Diablo3
Of the fiveclasses the Demon Hunter was introduced as a character built around rangedcombat. They can dual-wield crossbows, launch explosives, place traps, and castshadow magic (which compliments their dark nature). Due to these capabilities,this class is apparently a combination of both the Amazon and Assassin classesfrom Diablo II.
The Demon Hunteris the ranged attacking class. They specialize in bows and crossbows, whichthey supplement with numerous ranged attacks, traps of various types, and evena few melee range skills. diablo 3 gold )
Rather than usingan old-fashioned Mana meter, the Demon Hunter actually has two separate meters:Hatred and Discipline. Hatred refills automatically and fuels offensive Skillswhile Discipline is reserved for tactical Skills.
Using the class'adroit use of ranged weapons, the Demon Hunter delivers painful blow after blowto his opponents from a distance. Because of his reliance on ranged attacks,the Demon Hunter possesses many snare skills and traps to force distancebetween him and his foes.
Fast TwitchMuscle Development
If you suck atvideo games you might not suck anymore if you bring a Demon Hunter through Hellmode. If you beat Inferno on your own with a Demon Hunter then you’re going tohave hulk wrists. You never stop doing something with the Demon Hunter.Caltrop, run, Chakram, run again, Entangling shot the guy who snuck through thetrap, Chakram again.
Reasons for playing Demon Hunter in Diablo 3
Like I mentionedabove you’re going to learn how to kite. If you played World of Warcraft before2007 when it was taken over by Pokemon and the Carebears you might rememberwhen your group had to organize crownd-control abilities and focus on onetarget to kill it. The Demon Hunter brings back some of those elements whereyou actually have to pay attention to where the mobs, what they are doing andwhat they will probably do next.
Demon hunterspossess a number of high impact skills that have a very destructive effect onits bearers. Some of them include,
Hungering Arrow – A skill that causes bonus damage and has a seekingability
Evasive Fire – A ranged attack with backflip in case enemies areclose by
Entangling Shot – An attack that slows the target and chains it toclose-by enemies
Fan of Knives – Short range attack that throws a cache of knivesin a circular shape around a demon hunter
Grenades – Sprays numerous grenades which explode after a short countdown
Bola Shot– A distance attack that surrounds a target beforeexploding
Chakram – Initiates a swirl that physically damages everyone in its path
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