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Reasons for Wizards Worth Playing in Diablo 3

Reasons for Wizards Worth Playing in Diablo 3Many players
dislike Wizards in Diablo 3, they think, comparing with other class, Wizards is
too weak, in fact, as long as players can invest time on this class, it's a
very powerful one.

Reasons for Wizards worth Playing in Diablo 3

The wizard needs
some time to become really effective. A friend of mine complained about his
wizard the same way you do until he hit lvl 25 and got the meteor skill. diablo 3 gold )

The archon
ability also boosts your damage tremendously while giving you a lot of sustain.
Not to mention Teleport and the different armor types like ice armor and
diamond skin which are powerful tools in the wizards's skill set to keep
him/her alive while dishing out damage.

Try to experiment
with different combinations and really use every rune at least once to know
what your character is potentially capable of. If you find that the wizards is
not working at all it might just not be your playstyle.

Wizard is a great
ranged AOE character due to many strong AOE abilities such as Disintegrate,
Arcane Orb, Blizzard, and Meteor. In addition, many of the Wizard's abilities
are great for slowing mobs and have fairly short cooldowns (Blizzard, Frost
Armor, Frost Nova, etc)

Build for Wizard in Diablo 3:

This is a hit and
run build for solo wizard (lvl 58)

LC.Magic Missile
| Seeker
--- You don't have time in
difficult situations to target the mobs :P

RC.Arcane Orb |
Tap the Source
--- Decent splash damage

Teleport |
--- You have a second chance to
get yourself behind the mobs with reversal but be careful not to get in the
middle of the fight

Blizzard |
--- Cast Blizzard in front of
you and run back so that mobs get showered

Energy Armor |
Force Armor --- The rune does the trick! real life savior!

Mirror Image |
--- Get the mobs destructed while
you hit them from afar

P1.Blur (self

P2.Cold Blooded
(bizzed mobs get more damage)

Ward or Arcane Dynamo

It is extremely
effective to use Venom Hydra and Blizzard together. With a high DPS, you can
safely and easily kill most bosses/elites/champions just with those 2 skills
and Magic Weapon active. They key is that the pools of venom from the hydra
stack damage, so a monster frozen in the blizzard will start to take multiple
pool hits per second.

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