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Tips For Freshman on Gold Buying For World of Warcraft

More and more players come to buy wow gold to update their weapons, buy their favorite pets or for whatever, gold buying is no longer shameful among wow funs, to some extent, the gold suppliers help them to gain more fun in game.

However, the above is only suit for legit website, if choosing a illegitimate website, wow gold buying will be just a nightmare. Maybe many players have been in the wow world for many years, but for online shopping, they are just freshmen. Here some useful tips will help players to enjoy the online shopping.

Choosing a legit website
Choosing a legit and professional website is very important for players, it’s not only for fast gold, but also for safe wow gold to protect the accounts. A trustworthy website should contain:

--- Delivery speed. The delivery time should be the same as it’s described on the website, usually 15-30minutes. Mists of Pandaria - Blog - World of Warcraft PanadaRen

--- Safety. A legit website will have it’s own farm team so that the wow gold can be assured for pure hand, instead of hacking which might lead players account in troubles.

--- Service. There should include an effective method, for example, if players place the order in wrong server by mistake, they can contact the site’s workers at first time to correct this. A legit website should also contain 24*7 hours service so that the customer can collect the wow gold at any time they want.

--- Small order first. If this is just the first time to buy gold or try a new website, please do a trial order first, instead of large one. – Wow Gold Safe - Cheap Wow Gold Online Store


---Paypal. For players first buying wow gold on website, paypal is recommended. As paypal do more protection on buyers’ accounts. If players meet problems on buying, like non-delivery or some other unexpected troubles, the suppliers can’t give their customers a reasonable reply or no reply at all, the buyers can considering contact paypal and make dispute there. As long as the case is the same as the buyers submitted, paypal resolution center wil help them to get their money back.

---Moneybookers. Many European buyers prefer this way, customers can also claiming on moneybookers, but the procedure is more complicated than paypal and time taking.

---Western Union. This payment tools is not recommended to freshman. Some companies will require their customers do this way when the order above 100$, the reason they do so is there some players also scam them, it’s understandable here, but this rule is only suit for legit companies like, for players first order with a new unknown website, please pass this way. ( Our Game Center ) ( PBT Online Gold ) ( World of Warcraft PanadaRen ) ( Wow Gold Alliance )Tips For Freshman on Gold Buying For World of Warcraft