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Tips and Guides on Highland Guppy in World of Warcraft

What’s the most
expensive and valuable fish in Wow, this answer should be highland guppy the,
but how to get it? This article will tell players some useful
tips and guides on
HighlandGuppy in World of Warcraft.

Highland Guppy is
a type of fish added in Cataclysm. Highland Guppy is a dynamic zone spawn. It
shares pools with Deepsea Sagefish. So every time someone fishes a Highland
Guppy pool there is a 50% chance that the pool that respawns to replace it will
be Deepsea Sagefish. If everyone in the zone is exclusively fishing Highland
Guppy, the amount of Highland Guppy pools will be progressively continuously
halved until there are none left in the zone. At which point you will either
need to spend some time fishing Deepsea Sagefish or wait for the zone/server to
be reset so that the pools are approximately 50/50 again. diablo 3 gold )

Highland Guppy are used to cook Seafood Magnifique Feast.
This feast is regularly used to feed and buff raiding groups. The recipe and
cooked dish are bound to the cook: The feasts cannot be sold, so the
ingredients are likely to become valuable. It should be possible to sell this
fish raw at auction.

Spots to get

Highland Guppy is
the most expensive fish, mostly because of its difficulty to fish. You can find
it in schools along the river in Twilight Highlands, which needs a very high
fishing skill. I found a nasty looking bot fishing here last time I went
fishing and promptly reported him.

Well this is
going to depend on your server and how many people are fishing in the zone. I
just zone in and then do a big circle. Fishing for Volatile Fire in the lava
pools and Algaefin Rockfish on the coast. By the time I get to the delta, and
start to fly up the river, there are usually several spawned Highland Guppy pools
to fish from. A couple of circuits and I've got a bunch of fires and guppies. diablo 3 gold )

Tips and guides on
HighlandGuppy in World of Warcraft

They don't share
timers with other spawns. There are three lakes that will gather pools, two by
the Vermillion Redoubt and another at Hirthaven. When there are no pools in the
river and Bastion lake, there are usually 4-5 on those smaller, out-of-the-way
lakes. Until you fish out those spawns, you won't get any on the river or
Bastion lake. More specifically, they share spawns with the algaefin rockfish
that are found along the coast and up to the Loch Verall Delta. If you can't
find any highland guppy pools, fish a few algaefin rockfish pools and check

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