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Tips for Wizard Tank in Diablo 3

Tips for Wizard Tank in Diablo 3Many players
think Wizard is not good at tank, in fact, it’s the best tank class in the
game, here will offer some
tips for
Wizard tank in Diablo 3 to help players to be more powerful in the game.

The Wizard is a
casting class (obviously) that is actually not all that different from the
Witch Doctor. While the Witch Doctor uses Mana and the Wizard uses Arcane
Power, they are practically the same thing except that Arcane Power is purple
and Mana is blue. 3 gold )

Tips for Wizard Tank in Diablo 3

This build is
based on the Healing Blade(HB) + Blood Magic(BM) = Life on hit. But that's not
all you need to balance it out and the 2 combined isn't enough either you need
the following stats to make this work best as prior listed from top to bottom.
vMain damage is doen with spectral blades, I general build barriers with a few
twisters - place them where I want to fight with the blades to give added
damage and with my high crit rate cycle cooldowns on diamond skin and frost
nova. Teleport is mainly used to just out of arcane beams, frozen globes or
whatever when otherwise trapped in melee.

The Life on hit
that HB + BM provides you won't keep you alive in inferno act 2 or higher
infact in act 1 you would also want it for hard hitting elite's. Health regen
or life per second helps you to keep healed because it heals you even in combat
and is handy if you need to kite elites.

Diamond Skin/Crystal Shell:

Do I need to
explane this ? :P Ok imagain 2 hardhitting elite hitting you at the same time
or are about to I just feel safer to have it around and pop it then be reckless
and go like sure hit me for 7k-12k each and then let the rest of the mobs
slaughter me.

Arcane Orb/Arcane Orbit:

This is somewhat
a burden and somewhat also a big health generator this 1 also hits more then 1
mob per orb and life on hit it heals. Also I'v been noticing that they kinda
knock or interupt mobs? And they are also somewhat a shield for you or how can
I say just try em you'll love em downside is big group spam alot and they don't
pop imidiatly.

What I do when I have to run cuz I am about to die
cuz stats are not the best yet.

When I have run I
only run when I have like 5% hp left or I see that I can't take to much anymore
I do this. RUUUUUUN :P no joking I actualy Kite my way like I am a caster
that's the fun part I can tank as a range I use Energy Twister to hit the mobs
from a far if my arcane is low I try to just use it once then aim for towars
the mobs while running and use HB due the Storm Chaser rune I can use a twister
without using arcane and twister will hopefully hit more than 1 mob and heal

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