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Useful Payment Tips on Gold Buying for World of Warcraft

More and more players today come to buy wow gold online, as no one willing to spend much time on the farming thing, it is regarded as poor experience among wow funs. Although there are numerous wow gold suppliers on the market, but most of them are just a flash in the pan, if the players’ accounts get in trouble for buying this, they don’t know who can help them as the gold sellers they bought disappeared.
So to choose a right payment tool is so essential then, especially for players that don’t have much experience on online shopping or do business with a new gold supplier. Here is the analysis on the main three online payment tools
This is the most popular way among online buyers. Because it’s do more protection on the buyer’s account.
---- Dispute Center. If a buyer gets the service that’s not the same as described by the a seller, he can claim or dispute to paypal, after checking by paypal center and what the buyer complained is true, paypal will help the buyer to get his money back.
---- Reverse. Some buyers will even just reverse their money and pass that process, but this way is not recommended here, because it will leave bad credit on the card holders.
So for the unexperienced wow players do online shopping, this way is recommended. If they get in trouble for buying wow gold, like the gold gets confiscated by GM, they can contact theirs sellers first, for legit websites will help their buyers, but if just get ignored, then the buyers can consider make dispute on paypal.
Many buyers may don’t have much ideas about this payment tool, because this tools is mainly popular in European countries. It’s also an online instant payment tools, simple and easy to use as paypal. While Moneybookers do more protection on sellers account. The buyers can’t get his money back as easy as paypal when in troubles. So this way is not much recommended to buyers that don’t have experience on wow gold shopping or do business with a new website that they don’t fully trust.
Western Union
This payment is bank transfer, not instant as paypal and moeybookers. If buyers want to make the payment fast, it requires both banks between sellers and buyers are open. This way is only suit for very legit and professional companies, like (*^-^*). Because the payment can’t get reversed or even claiming!