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What Loot Will Drop from Skeleton King in Diablo 3

Skeleton King isone of the biggest Boss in Diablo 3, then whatloot will drop from skeleton king in Diablo 3?
there is a droprate for items on monsters, chance of you finding a rare or higher item on aboss depends on the amount of luck gear your wearing and the chance the monsterhas of dropping a certain item.
For example:
---Rare omg omgweapon has a 5% drop chance on the Skeleton King.
---you have 10%increase of magic find which means you now have a total of 15% chance that theitem would drop from that boss.
---so that mean85% is pure luck of getting that item.
there is nosaying in if you actually always get rare items from bosses, yes it would benice and awesome if the drop was 100% like in for example WoW where certainitems always drop but this game is not WoW and Diablo is also not meant to besomething like that where you always get a standard item drop.
i find it betterso that not everyone walks around the same with the same items or looks.
this also makesit more interesting and fun to do things over instead of just once.
thats alsosomething what Diablo 3 is about, repeating, because you will always need toredo things in order to reach lvl 60 and get good items.
http://www.diablo-3-auction-house.comWhile killingyour way through Cathedral there will be two bosses for you to take down. Firstwill be Jondar, the one guy whom you help your Templar buddy take down. Hedrops quite a few goodies, a little bit less than the Skeleton King but still adecent amount of loot. Shortly after the evil Templar fight will be theSkeleton King whom on average (with full Nephalem Valor) drops 2 rares and 5blues. As an example of how many items you can expect from him, take a look atmy screenshot below.
If you've neverdone the
Skeleton King on Infernothe only real word of advice I can give to you is try your hardest not to gethit. He hits really hard on Inferno and if you have never been hit by him thiscould very well one shot you. A good rule of thumb is when the Skeleton Kingstarts teleporting around the room just stay on the run and don't cut any turnstoo sharp. This will greatly decrease the chance of you being hit and will saveyour butt during the fight.
So checking theabove, there is no exact rare
loot willDrop from Skeleton King in Diablo 3, most of the time, it’s depend onplayers lucky. Anyway, if players lack of Diablo 3 gold to buy good weapon,they can consider buy from where the gold is 100%pure hand and fast.