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Why Are There No Gold Rewards for PvP?

So I used to be a casual PvE player; I would log on and do a couple dungeons and heroics and sometimes do raids. Every week I would reach the valor cap. Recently however, my friends have turned me onto to PvP. We do BGs together and some arena (we’re pretty bad but we have fun) and every week I reach the conquest cap. But since switching from PvE to PvP, I’ve noticed that I have a lot less gold than I used to. (I know it is not hard to get gold but hear me out)
So in PvE you get 83 gold for completing a heroic, trash drops to vendor, BOE drops to sell, gold from mobs and bosses, and usually you can get shards courtesy of an enchanter. You also get gold in the exact same way for doing raids and LFR. Some of that gold needs to go to repairs and gem/enchants, but PvE players aren’t the only people with those costs.
As a PvPer I find myself paying for the same amount if not more repairs than I did when I did PvE. I still need enchants and gems for my new gear as well. But my problem is that neither BGs nor Raids offer gold rewards. This means that in order to make money I need to either do PvE or sit and play the AH. In this regard, PvP is not self-sustaining and I want to know why not?
1) this a PVE game with some pvp content around it.2) blizz has tried to revive world pvp offering quest with some gold/honor & it was a fail3) to make it Fair blizz would need to make just as many pvp dailies as pve & offer around the same gold pay out or more with no honor
Basically nobody loots the dead players in PvP, meaning you would have no competition. Plus look at it this way in an average map if you get 50HKs and only loot 1/5 of those that is still 10 bodies you loot. If each body has 25s on it that is 2g 50s in a good 20 minutes. More then enough to pay your repair bills.
You get more wow gold in PvE because your armor takes more damage in PvE then it does in PvP, thus you need more money because you have to repair more often. Look at it this way, every time you die in PvE you lose 10% durability, at 85 that is a bit of money. That doesn't happen in PvP. ( Wow Gold Horde ) ( Wow Gold Reviews ) (Wow Gold Love)