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What's The Best Place to FarmDiablo 3 Gold in Inferno

Farming gold isa time-taking work in Diablo 3, seems one of the fastest way to get gold isfarming in inferno, so what’s the bestplace to farm Diablo 3 gold in inferno?

Best Farming Spot Tips:

1. You reallyshould be level 60 if you want to find the best farming spots. Nephalem valoris so good that you're better off leveling to 60 than grinding away at anylocation in the game.

2. You can turnany spot into "the best farming spot" for you simply by wearingawesome farming gear.

3. With farminggear and level 60, you can easily go back to nightmare difficulty and pick upthe same amount of gold off mobs as you do fighting inferno act I. Think aboutit, would you rather get one shot by random monsters and barely pay your repairbills, or instead be the one running around one shotting enemies and lootingtheir unfortunate corpses? Buy your farming gear on the auction house, focusingprimarily on gold find, magic find, primary stat, movement speed on your boots,and gold pickup radius of at least 7.

What's the best place to farm Diablo 3 gold in inferno

Depending onthe amount of monsters, harvest can variate from barely anything to full hp, ilike using it though.

Set yourcheckpoint at The Keep Depth Level 2 entrance and go back to level 1. Runstraight south east until you reach the chest above the first lava ground. Thechance to get a chest is at about 20%, I guess. You will detect, that all otherdungeon setups except that with the chest spawn can be skipped immediately. Ifyou find elite mobs, kite them into that door in the north, and call your groupin after securing the area. There are some strong spawns, like those dogsmonsters (Soul Ripper) which have crazy speed, range and damage output, youmight want to skip those. After you opened the chest, there will spawnmonsters. Use area stuns to loot and run away with your full magic find gear.

And Spirit walkwith the healing rune is also very effective, depending on how you use it.

I find there'stwo ways to open a fight, first you can spirit walk into the fray of monsters,harvest and run back out to AoE them down.

Second way i doit is something i tend to do with rare monsters, i don't spirit walk into thefray, i just try to get as close as possible with harvest, then save my spiritwalk for when i get in trouble, and in that kind of situation i find havinghealing rune very awesome.

It’spossible to farm 2,000 Diablo 3 goldin half an hour in inferno, if players want to know the details, just visit on,this website not only sell cheap gold, but also offer game strategies for free.