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What's The Best Place to LevelUp in Diablo 3

There are manyways to level up fast in Diablo 3, but what’sthe best place to level up in Diablo 3?

If you haven’tgotten through Act 3, or aren’t strong enough to fight Azmodan, then you can dothe quest Royal Audience which is found in Act 2. This is a fairly short questand doesn’t include any super strong bosses. It’s a consistent quest with thesame, condensed mobs, so you won’t have any surprises when you do this run.This quest is the second best place to level up in Diablo 3.

Best Places to Level Up in Diablo 3

If you need togain some XP easily, and aren’t strong enough to fight stronger mobs or bosses,you should try running Azmodan a few times. Azmodan is the last boss in Act 3.Just make sure to finish the next quest every time as well. This is definitelyone of the best places to level up in D3.

It worksbecause in the first 3 areas you get a 90%-ish chance of a large goblin packspawning. These are very easy to dispatch quickly and move forward. You'll meetthe first one right at the top of the stairs. Then you'll either be able to goup the stairs on the left to a platform, or around the battlement to the right.Go right, there is almost always another large pack of goblins. Fight throughthem and you come to the second large area of the level where there is a thirdgoblin clan. This method got me from 47 to 50 in 30-45 minutes.

What is the best place to level in a finished difficulty?

Here's what Ifound that was the best combination of good exp, non-tedious, and actuallypretty fun.

1.Choose thevery first quest in Act 3.

2.Run to thefirst part of the "Light 5 signal fires" quest where the guard callsto watch out for the meteor and a pack of goblins runs down the stairs.

3.Go for thehighest "Massacre" bonus you can get. Once you stop, leave game andtry again.

Other tips on the best place to level up in Diablo 3

Running Azmodanis the fastest way to level up. Rushing Azmodan over and over again will netyou very fancy XP. Just make sure to finish the subsequent quest every time aswell.

In Nightmare,you get 44,800 for killing Azmodan and 44,800 for the cutscene afterwards onthe tower + 4-5k gold each run. Me and my mates got this down to 2 minutes arun (including creating a game) We did it solo (me downing boss and everyonejoining just at 2%)

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