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What Stats Are Worth for Wizards to Invest in Inferno?

What Stats Are Worth for Wizards to Invest in Inferno?What Stats Are Worth for Wizards to invest in
Inferno?Especially when
with Barbarian? Experts on will offer some useful suggestions

The Witch Doctor
is one of the most versatile classes in Diablo 3. But when playing the Diablo 3
Witch Doctor Inferno mode, before starting to level your character up, you must
know at least the strengths of the class and know where to invest that time and
gold. The most important stat of the Witch Doctor is Intelligence. This is the
primary attribute of the class and increases all damage by 1% per Intelligence
point. It also increases all elemental resistances by 0.1% per Intelligence
point invested. diablo 3 gold )

What stats are worth for Wizard to invest in Inferno?

If you're
consistently playing with a Barbarian who is buffing your resistances, in
addition to being your meat shield, then your gearing strategy should be
similar to pre-patch with more focus on damage output (your health and resists
are reasonable and more than sufficient to kill up to Azmodan and beyond,
depending on your skill level). Your focus on damage output should not totally
neglect Increased Attack Speed as it is still a good stat, but it shouldn't
focus on it as your primary stat. Remember that the mechanic itself wasn't
nerfed, only the value of IAS on items.

intellect is always good as it has additional effects (gaining more resists). A
balanced combination of Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage % will give
you a noticeable increase to DPS as well. The largest single factor in damage
output for casters/ranged in general is still the damage range on weapons.

Keeping this in
mind, my build is 45k damage pre-Force Weapon buff - I instead opt for force
shield which reduces incoming attacks to 35% of your health - there is no
difference between tanking a 7000dmg attack with 21k hp and tanking it with
force shield.

What healing options are there for a wizard?

As far as I know
your healing options are limited, even with a Mythic Potion (12,500 life)
there's not much chance of survival if you get up close and personal. I'd
suggest looking into getting some life per hit on your items, which outclasses
life per kill.

Also, put on
Galvanizing Ward as passive if you not have done so already, it adds another
310 life per second (as long as you have an armor skill active). And as jzn
mentions, there is also the Blood Magic rune on Magic Weapon which adds another
1.5% damage as life per hit.

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