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Strategies & Guides On How To Be A Good Tank As A Warrior In Wow 5.0

How to be a good Tank as a Warrior in Wow 5.0? will offer some useful strategies
and guides. Protection Warriors were the first tanking class and are one of the
four PvE main tank combinations of class and spec in WoW. The other three are
Feral Druids, Protection Paladins, and Blood Death Knights.

Tanking is the
primary role that warriors play in a party, and it is probably the most
important one too. They protect the other less durable players from deadly
attacks. For this reason, an experienced and knowledgeable tank who knows what
they're doing is the best thing a party can have--and you can learn how to be
that here.

To be a good Tank as a Warrior in Wow 5.0the main reason why you should always use
a shield is the damage reduction. A priest will have a hard time keeping up
with the heals if you insist on using a 2 hander. At 60 my shield adds around
12% extra damage reduction. There is nothing more important than getting
initial agro on a group of mobs, without agro you gain less rage, which makes
it harder to get agro. It's a viscous circle that basically means that a bad
start can mean a bad finish.

Defensive stance
is a must. Not only does it reduce the damage taken by 10%, it also generates
additional threat, and has a few nice abilities that are great for holding
agro. I’ve grouped with many warriors that refuse to tank in defensive stance,
to them the 10% less damage they give is more important than the 10% less
damage they take.

As for Warriors farming
Wow gold
wow funs can visit on for details. These are bad warriors. Most
of your time should be spent in defensive stance. As a general rule, if you can
do it in defensive stance, then do it in defensive stance. This goes for
everything from sunder armor to demo shout. While it may not be much doing
these in defensive stance adds extra threat that makes it harder for you to
lose agro.