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Diablo 3 AFK Farming Tips In 1.0.4
will share with players the
Diablo 3 AFK
farming tips in
1.0.4. For lower lvl (normal
mode): Search the AH for 2 weapons with sockets for your lvl, put in a high lvl
yellow gem in them (flawless square topaz with 100dmg return does the job), get
a few +experience items and about 30life/Kill (I took one amulet).

Now get yourself
to Act 2, Quest 8; Realm of Shadow - enter the realm of shadow and seatch for a
spot with 2 Guardian Towers (those pillars that spawn 3 bug mobs if you get
close), get yourself between them so that they both constantly spawn mobs every
few seconds. The mobs will spawn on you and attack your character; with only
~100 Hp they will die as they attack you due to your thorn dmg and you will
your life back (thanks to your life/kill stat).

Now press ESC and
open the game to public, so that you can minimize D3 with the game going on
(noone ever joined my game). Now you can do whatever you want while your
character is leveling off infinite suicide bugs.

Diablo 3 AFK farming Notes in

- You will need
to repair you gear every few hours

- Dismiss and
companions to avoid them hitting the Guardian tower (Even DHs ferret companions
will attack them)

- Can also be use
for afk gold/item farming with higher lvl chars in higher difficulties, but you
have to collect the gold once in a while becouse even Gold pickup range
increases wont help you gathering any gold as long as you dont move.

Many players dislike
farming, if so, they can buy safe
3 gold from If you don't want to refresh the
Wizard armor then Barbs work very well with their passive that increases Thorns
damage as well as natural tankiness. Just tried it out for fun, it works although
I doubt I'll use it much. It'll be nerfed soon I'm sure. But hey while it lasts
might as well get a small gold income while eating your lunch.