希望 迷路的时候 前方有车 可以让我跟随

  冷的时候 有带电热毯的被窝

  拉肚子的时候 就离家不远

  困的时候 有大段的时间可以睡觉

  不知道说什么的时候 你会温柔地看着我 笑我词穷

  不可爱的时候 会适可而止

  寂寞的时候 知道你在爱我

  I hope to have a car in front of me to follow when I'm lost;

  I hope to have a blanket to snuggle into when I'm cold;

  I hope to be close to home when I have the stomach flu;

  I hope to have great stretches of time to sleep when I'm tired;

  I hope to have you watching me gently when I don't know what to say;

  I hope to know to stop in time when I'm not being good;

  I hope to know that when I'm feeling lonely,you still love me.

——安东尼 《这些都是你给我的爱》

when I'm feeling out of control, you still love me.