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  4. Terminal to terminal

    [img src="https://catf.me/photos/da904ea8b1f6b420b7abaf86bed125f3.jpg" width="1080" height="1080"] Do you speak English

    Guangzhou take the Bus No.231(bus stop over there
    Yes 231 is the bus Number
    250 terminal at Zhongshan ba

    It's 2o2
    Oh I see you need to go to Guangzhou bIyunqu
    But no the bus no the number now
    You take the bus No.231 to The Terminal and transfer the No.228 to baitunqu

    Where you from? What's your naition
    How long did you to here
    Ok bus stop
    You at here take bus 231 and I'm terminal take the 228
    Terminal to terminal just transferred one time
    This trip need over two hours
    Take on
    Good luck

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