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历史文化的遗迹总会因为年久失修而出现各种状况,对于这些遗迹是保留其原样以尊重历史还是加以修缮人们各有说辞。下图的这项工程是在意大利的Bocchignano,靠近罗马的一个小镇上,艺术家Jan Vormann用彩色的像素积木块填补了古墙出现的缺口。用色彩填补历史的缺口用色彩填补历史的缺口用色彩填补历史的缺口用色彩填补历史的缺口用色彩填补历史的缺口用色彩填补历史的缺口用色彩填补历史的缺口用色彩填补历史的缺口

Hello dear,
Your Age, race and marital status are not factors in who I write to you. i am 24 years old young girl. I need someone who will treat me like a lady.You sound as a man of my dream in your profile today on and it sounds good about you that's why I contacted you for relationships. I have my preferences, and I do not think it is necessary for love to be segregated by Age. Every woman all have a man of her dream. Sorry my profile is not enough here but will tell you more details about me and my photos if you find time to write me via email ( Cares to know you.
Yours sweet heart
miss clara

please make sure you write direct to my mail box ok.
2011-10-17 13:13:51