I am in Germany now, with a computer which cannot recognize all Chinese and has an opposite z and y on its keyboard. I will return to HK tomorrow afternoon after a fly trip lasting for actually 10 hours and timely 16 hours.
It feels good to type long sentences.
I missed home but I managed to get that through. I love German and their sports, and I hate German bread and soup. France is a country of handsome, where even salesman in the bar on Eiffel Tower is as handsome as Backham. Now the tour is finishing and I start to miss the breath-taking sceneries. It's time, though, to go home now.
It's OK. It's fine.
It's time. I'm tired.
贝壳whiteannehi 头像萌到爆的rabbit2012-05-31 03:07:33
whiteanne贝壳hi hi:)2012-06-02 15:24:26