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    Bacall Associates Travel Singapore: 12 flight booking hacks

    [quote url="" host="" title="12 flight booking hacks that will guarantee you the cheapest tickets" description="Thanks to these flight booking tips and tricks, buying a ticket won't break the bank." type="article" thumbnail="" k="d9304fb7f7"]
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    Bacall Associates Travel Singapore: How to travel on a (very tight) budget

    [quote url="" host="" title="How to travel on a (very tight) budget" description="SINGAPORE — Isabel Leong is barely 23 years old, and she has already travelled to more than 105 cities in 30 countries — mostly on her own dime.And now, the Singaporean hopes that by sharing her travel tips and experiences, students here, especially those who are cash-strapped, will be motivated to go out and see the world.“(Travelling) opens up their minds about the possibilities of the future. A lot of young people (like me) are lost about their life direction, and going out there and being exposed to different people and their life stories can give them some insight,” Leong said in an interview with TODAY. “There are a lot of soft skills to learn as well, including adaptability, independence, social skills and intercultural knowledge.”Leong started supporting her own travel adventures in 2013, beginning with the usual destinations like Bali and Phuket, and then eventually heading off the beaten path to smaller cities and towns around the world, like Cambodia’s Kampot province and Cantabaco in the Philippines. In 2015, she went on a student exchange programme in Rouen, France, where she began travelling around Europe in earnest. Since 2013, she has been to 64 cities in 16 countries.To fund her exploits, she worked part-time for about four to five hours a week to pay for her own food and transport, and saved whatever she could to fund her travels.“I became financially independent after junior college. There was an eight-month break after I graduated from junior college until school started in university. I took the time to explore different occupations and what I liked. I did everything from admin work to telemarketing to being a camp instructor,” said Leong, who recently graduated from Singapore Management University. She now runs a travel blog on student and budget travel called, which she set up last year.“That was when I found out the importance of saving up. When I was in university, I also worked as a gym instructor, training clients part-time while juggling my studies.”Leong also became an expert at travelling on a tight budget, spending less than S$7,000 over three months travelling to 15 countries in Europe. She kept a mental meal budget of about S$10 per day whenever she travelled, and stocked up on apples to keep herself from going hungry.Instead of staying at expensive hotels, she also chose to couch-surf, which allowed her to stay with a host for free in exchange for prepacked bak kwa (barbecued pork) or a Singapore magnet. And even though most of her couch-surfing experiences have been positive, one particular incident in France taught her to be more judicious about her choice of hosts.“As a beginner in couch-surfing, I wouldn’t select solo male hosts. There was one time I was in the south of France, in Nice, I couch-surfed with a guy. He expressed designs and it was quite scary. I tried to make up emergency plans in case he went overboard, but luckily I held my (ground) and he didn’t pursue it any further,” she said, adding that the host had started getting “uncomfortably” close to her, and had even offered to let her snuggle with him on his bed.“I was constantly talking to my friends at home — but not my family because they would be worried sick — in case anything happened they would know what happened. It deterred me from couch-surfing, but I still went on after that, mostly with families or couples, though.” Here are Leong’s three other tips for young travellers: BRING YOUR STUDENT CARD“This is one very valuable tip, because museums and even train tickets offer cheaper student ticket deals, especially in Europe. Sometimes you even get to go to museums for free.” DON’T BE OSTENTATIOUS“A lot of students, when they travel, are very worried about whether they would get pickpocketed. What I tell them is to try not to be too ostentatious about their belongings. Keep your bags zipped and don’t wear expensive-looking watches. They also talk about not putting your wallets at the back of your pocket, and that is also true because I have had instances where people were feeling my butt for stuff on a very packed train in Prague.” BE BOLD“If you are thinking about whether to do (something), just go and do it. You are only visiting a place once and you don’t want to leave with regrets. One of the boldest things I have done was to go bungee jumping in Phuket. My friend and I were (hesitant) at first, but we decided, what could we lose? Since then I’ve been (braver) about adventure (travel).”" type="article" thumbnail="" k="53326aa173"]
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    Bacall Associates Travel - Barge Lady, Magical Mexico and African Safaris

    14 July 2016 – The latest members to join the carefully curated UltraVilla collective bring European barges, Mexico, Africa and the Indian Ocean to discerning travellers looking for a handpicked holiday rental.  Now with over 50 members, the covetable ‘little black book’ that is UltraVilla covers all corners of the globe with an inspiring collection of villas, lodges, boats, islands, resorts, ski chalets, and very special boutique hotels. For over 30 years it has been Ellen Sack’s goal as the Barge Lady of Barge Lady Cruises to book travellers on “the perfect barge cruise.” Found within the new UltraBoat platform, the cruises carry 4-24 passengers that sail through European canals, primarily in France, Barge Lady Cruises focus on gourmet food and wine, while exploring the countryside and relaxing. A dedicated crew cooks and cleans, pilots the barge, and gives chauffeured tours of local vineyards, châteaux, historic churches, markets and charming Medieval villages. Guests indulge in the food and wine, go on daily excursions, leisureely bicycle, enjoy the scenery, mingle with other guests, and read and relax on the deck. Ellen is known as the barge expert in the travel world and has received many accolades. She was featured in the book “1000 Places to See Before You Die,” and was called the “reigning expert on barge cruising” by Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor of the Today Show. She has been listed as Top Travel Specialist by Conde Nast Traveler magazine numerous times and is a featured expert on the Wendy Perrin WOW list. Anyone Mexico-bound will be inspired by two new members; Catherwood Travels and Quinta Quebrada. Cather wood Travels offers the most singular travel experience in Yucatan, the site of many important ancient Mayan cities. Expeditions are led by experts and local partners, but they also hold the keys to private estates, chic haciendas and extraordinary artistic projects and have unrivalled access to private haciendas and beach villas. Quinta Quebrada, found within the new UltraBoutique platform, is undoubtedly the most extraordinary house in San Miguel de Allende, a colonial-era city in Mexico’s central highlands. This imposing yet charming 16th-century house has 13,864 square feet of living space over three floors, including 11 bedrooms, with beautifully landscaped grounds covering almost one acre. Ideally located a short walk from El Jardín, the main plaza of this beautiful old city, Quinta Quebrada is a true colonial gem and a living museum. The décor imaginatively mixes period colonial Mexican furniture and art with 17th and 18th-century furnishings and decorations from faraway destinations like India, Italy, and Spain.   Outdoor space is as inspiring as the interiors, with fabulous courtyards, follies, gardens full of climbing roses, cascading bougainvillea, purple-flowering jacarandas, multiple terraces, and loggias, a 60′ x 40′ pool set between two gardens, a terrace and a loggia with dining and seating areas and a fireplace. One of the most picturesque cities in Mexico, San Mguel de Allende is famous for its baroque Spanish architecture, charming cobblestone streets and vibrant cultural scene. Henrietta Loyd started in the safari business over 25 years ago and her company, cazenove+loyd, is recognised as THE  expert on Africa and the Indian Ocean. From a core business of family safaris has grown a network giving cazenove +loyd access to some of the most spectacular private houses and villas in South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania – often the special retreat of the lodge owner. Whether before or after a safari, taking a private house in South Africa’s Cape, or a beach villa on the coast of Kenya, or on islands like Zanzibar or Lamu just off the East African mainland, has always been a popular option. cazenove+loyd also has access to private houses and beach villas in Mozambique, in the Seychelles, on Mauritius and in Morocco. Read Full Article:[quote url="" host="" title="Bacall Associates Travel - Barge Lady, Magical Mexico and African Safaris" description="" type="article" thumbnail="undefined" k="undefined"] [img src="" width="652" height="166"]
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    Vietnam Airlines Announces Business Performance For First Six Months Of 2016

    [quote url="" host="" title="Bacall Associates | UK Travel / Lifestyle PR & Marketing Agency » VIETNAM AIRLINES ANNOUNCES BUSINESS PERFORMANCE FOR FIRST SIX MONTHS OF 2016" description="" type="article" thumbnail="undefined" k="undefined"]
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    Bacall Development on benefits of investing

    [img src="" width="300" height="426"] The firm suggests that you must choose the right commercial property to have a strong capital growth and gain a great rental return. You must know what makes a good commercial property.

    [link url=",1642870.html"]

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    Bacall Associates tips on how to invest in real estate

    [img src="" width="740" height="740"] One must learn and understand the foundations of investing in real estate first before putting them into practice, and from then on, one can see worthwhile results from his or her effort. It would be much better if you could fully understand the world of finance since the business of real estate revolves around marketing and finance.

    [link url=""]

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    Bacall Associates: To be lost in the city

    [img src="" width="726" height="500"] What I had first enjoyed when I arrived at Singapore was the view. Everywhere I look was lush green, the streets were clean and maintained, and the climbing sun was in the background. I followed the detailed advises of Bacall Associates, took a train or two, walk a bit and soon found myself at the market.

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    Bacall Associates Travel guide to Singapore

    [img src="" width="743" height="457"] You might be surprised to hear that Singapore is a tiny tropical island, made up of 6 million people. It is located just 80 miles north of the equator so the temperature is always hot and humid.

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    Bacall Associates general thoughts on Singapore

    [img src="" width="700" height="525"] If you think New York City is busy, just wait until you see Singapore. People are always in a hurry and they walk really fast (they are actually ranked the fastest walkers on earth). It seemed like everything was happening in fast motion, which always kept me on my toes!

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    Bacall Associates Travel Things to do in Singapore

    [img src="" width="724" height="438"] Singaporeans moan that besides shopping, dining and the movies, there's not a lot you can do here. The must-see list for the one-day visitor to Singapore, especially the first-timer, is absorbingly long.

    Source: [link url=""]
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    Bacall Associates using social media techniques for public relations

    [img src="" width="654" height="400"] No wonder why many online-based and small businesses use social media for their public relations since it is perfect for direct involvement with the customers and the press.

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    Bacall Associates marketing plan using social media

    [img src="" width="747" height="514"] Social media can be used for your market research. It is often difficult to gather data on qualitative and quantitative market research, that is why the launch of social media has been a great help to several business owners around the world.
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    Bacall Associates Tips to Plan for a Holiday Trip

    [img src="" width="748" height="576"] In case you want a professional help, contact a reliable travel agent to assist you in your travel needs. If you feel that there’s already too much stress to handle, and your worries are starting to become overwhelming, give them a call to get the reassurance that everything will be alright. Write in your travel journal all the reservations your travel agent made in your stead.
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    Bacall Associates tips on how to integrate social media into sales promotions

    [img src="" width="638" height="479"] During the past few decades, Bacall Associates has seen the enormous change social media has brought to the world, especially in the business arena. In particular, a social media campaign adds an innovative and exciting aspect to traditional sales promotions.

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    Bacall Associates tips for making travel more affordable

    [img src="" width="725" height="517"] Most of the time, people travel to appreciate nature and other cultures and to temporarily escape from reality. This way, they could relax and enjoy the wonders of traveling. They also want to keep precious memories of their travel so that they’ll have something to treasure forever. 
    Source: [link url=""]

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    Beach holiday tips from Bacall Associates

    [img src="" width="720" height="405"] Beach might be among the favorite spot for families to visit during holidays. When you tell your family that you’re going to the beach, your children will definitely become so excited, and they’ll surely begin packing their favorite things. Source:  [quote url="" host="" title="Beach holiday tips from Bacall Associates" description="Clearly, there are really plenty of beaches to choose from, and each one of those offers exceptional services. Ask your relatives or your close friends for some ideas, or just browse the net and trust the results shown by Google. Do not choose a beach that’s exclusive for couples or..." type="article" thumbnail="" k="51354c5b49"]
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    Bacall Associates: PR experts committed in luxury travel

    [img src="" width="647" height="401"] Bacall Associates integrated PR, marketing and sales campaigns are a cost effective way to build brand awareness by combining high press impact coverage in the leading UK media with regular celebrity endorsements, brand partnerships, targeted promotions and events with a real wow factor.

    Source: [link url=""]
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    Bacall Associates Effective PR campaign tips

    [img src="" width="670" height="434"] The phrase "With great effort comes great reward" never gets old to Bacall Associates. This phrase serves as their inspiration to provide great services to their clients. They make sure that they're giving their best in everything they do. The same can be applied to you because you just need to exert great effort to achieve effective PR campaign.
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    Tips for traveling in Southeast Asia from Bacall Associates

    [img src="" width="640" height="426"] Southeast Asia is one of the most popular destinations in the world for backpackers. You can find a lot of beauty in each country, so it’s a must-see for many. If you're already living in Asia, you can easily adjust to any countries found in this subregion, but if you're from a foreign land like the United States or Europe, you might get a culture shock. So doing a research beforehand is quite necessary for your journey. Bacall Associates is undeniably one of the experts when it comes to the travel arena, so to avoid any chaotic situations in your travel, they provide important tips that you should know before packing your things.
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    Bacall Associates 21 years of commitment to their clients

    [img src="" width="640" height="426"] Bacall Associates is one if the most respected PR companies around the globe. Reviews reveal that its clients are proud to be a part of such thriving company. According to them, Bacall’s competence and professionalism are beyond compare.

    [link url=""]