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ouch what is pr2e?

Thanks Clancy.he tell me  this is nantian printer.

But , I look for all the resource in the internet,none drivers can driver this printer.It said that is oki  or ibm virtual. but  it's not  oki or ibm(ibm9055 "not driver")


"4. 在Windows环境下使用PR2E。"

tips:no any directions. only write "PR2E" on the Panel ( data line is usb2lpt1)  setting print tips:changjiang

IBM virtual is  IBM9055

not only oki's driver but also  olivetti not to driver ,and the Documents point,use LPT1 port is wrong。It can't move。select “ usb virtualprinter port for usb”
intheend epson LQ-1600K is ok.   thatisall.