daily daily daily daily daily daily Today I went to tit Create industrial park
Do you know tit what's mean
There's textile industry.almost textile company . It haven't anything to
see.ofcause ,there are many restaurant .
Coworkers restaurant. 12:00.There are crowd out of the gate. I asked someone who seated under tree.Do you know what there any activities . No nothing no idea,he replied.
I went back around and asked someone who in the line,anything will !she replied,here just our embarrassed
I had a good meal filled my stomach At the Textile Machinery Plant coworker Restaurant.

Meal is satisfaction.price is reasonable.soup within more meat total 羊18only

Of cause there are some others company. Like you remember that wechat be know as conquer.1 billion customers only 446 days

Conclusion that isn't anything to see and no design. The Textile Machinery Plant is worth to see only.[图片][图片][图片][图片][图片][图片][图片][图片]
神机喵蒜毅一tit means boobs...2016-10-12 08:16:49
毅一神机喵蒜(^_^)a2016-10-12 09:22:58