Terms of Service


The password that you used to login to access the service will be encrypted when you registered, and you are also responsible for safeguarding it. It greatly recommend you using the strong passwords with your account for security.

Account Name

Do not register any company name and famous people name or meaningless name as your account name. Catfan has the right to remove this account to protect their right.


You cannot post any illegal, abusive, defamatory, inappropriate, vulgar, pornographic, offensive, political, indecent, invasive of another's privacy, prejudicial, racially, ethnically, religiously or otherwise objectionable contents and photos is not allowed to post and upload. You are responsible for what you posted and what you have done on your account.


Do not threat, disturb or hurt other people, and do not invade other people's privacy while using the service.

Do not post links or code contents that containing virus or malicious programs that may affect the operation or the computers of those accessing them.

It will be deleted the post or account, if violated the terms above.


All the user posted contents, including texts, photos is not represent the position or views of Catfan.

The Terms of Service will be updated or modified if it needs.

The Rights of explanation and modification for the Terms of Service is belong to Catfan.