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One September Day

On one September day, the world was graced with the presence of a beautiful baby girl…ME. From the day I was born I had always been a very outspoken girl, who can be very sensitive, with a confident sassy attitude. since then, not much has changed; just a little growth and a lot of life experiences. Im a super bubbly, fun loving girl who has a twisted dark side that which is expressed in some of my written work. Tim Burton, Edgar Allen Poe, Maya Angelou, and Nicholas Sparks are my favorite authors. As far as fashion goes....I LOVE IT! If I had to describe my style with one fashion designers would be BETSEY JOHNSON; she defines my style to the T! Im also sort of a Prep; so my style is sort of Betsey meets Ralph Lauren! I can also be a little Bohemian Chic sometimes. ;)
Hmm, lets see what else; oh…how could I forget; im a super family oriented person…I love my Mommy soooo much!. I am and forever will be a Mommys baby!.
Im super close with my favorite cousin Tiffany; she’s like my go to girl whenever I need advice or a laugh…
My best friend; whom I love dearly…she’s def like the sister that I never had; which is why she is my Thing 2…we totally brighten up the lives of the ppl we encounter with.
I hope you all will enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy sharing it with you.
Peace, Love, and Cupcakes