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Experiencing QQ fm

The reason why I write about it is that, I suddenly find some thing relevant to product.
1.Product is more that what it is like, sometimes you offer a function to users or you struggle to update some functions, but user don't buy it. you think you know the users, but actually you are fooled by them.
2.Focus on the core function. What user expect from a fm?
A.easy, open and listen, so easy
B.appealing, which means you'll have powerful logic to present appealing songs to users, otherwise, no matter how beautiful your site is, is in vain.
QQ fm offer me a lot of options, like douban fm, which both pack content to a theme. themes are made a little mess and also too many.
Most of the time I will not concern the web, it is beautiful or not, I don't care. Songs are the first things.
Only I hear some awful or brilliant song, I will switch the tab to collect it.