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  1. AmyRu
    Do you ever look out the window while on a bus, or in a car, pug in your headphones so you can't hear anything around you, and feel like your in a movie??? :P
  2. AmyRu
    no, I use up my coffee it...
  3. amyru

    twins? not really

    [img src="" width="450" height="338"]
  4. amyru
    Life is like riding a bicycle in order to keep your balance you must keep moving.
  5. AmyRu
    i do not like to study for exams, i do not like them sam i am....
  6. AmyRu

    a photo

    [img src="" width="450" height="338"] i lick it like thaaat. haaaaaaaaaaappy birthday catherpillar!
  7. AmyRu

    Hello all

    [img src="" width="450" height="338"] hope to enjoy there...^ ^