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  1. Cosplaykawai
    Alright, time to find more members for our cosplay! Happy New Year everyone! How were your experiences over break?
  2. Cosplaykawai
    Hey sorry guys i took a little break for the holiday! It's almost time for the new year and that means only about 11 months until Nekocon 16! Noah and I are figuring out our costumes so as soon as we start ordering and making things i'll update. Did everyone have a suzushii break?(i know i probably just slaughtered the use of that word, but i'm trying)
  3. Cosplaykawai
    Wow i really need your feedback on the cosplay guys! Any recommendations?
  4. Cosplaykawai
    I can't wait until next year! Right now i'm going to have to save up about $500+ but right now it doesn't look like i'll get anywhere close! Stay tuned!
  5. Cosplaykawai
    Well right now Noah and i are trying to figure out our cosplay for next November. We need help!for S (me)Hatsune Miku or Kagamine Rin?and for Noah:Megurine Luka or Kagamine Len?and if you pick can you guys help us choose the style? We might just do popular vote!
  6. Cosplaykawai
    Hey there people!This is my very first blog! Yay i finally got around to doing it. I'm sitting here with my cosplay buddy Noah Simmons, we're going to be planning our second cosplay soon and i'll post the details tomorrow!