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  1. Posting another Blog today, Guyz.... =]
  2. Today isn't just another day. Today I'll create something beautiful... =]
  3. Goodmorning, Cruel World. Itz a beautiful day outside. Enjoy it. xoxo
  4. I swear this is absolutely the most perfect rainy day ever....
  5. YAY!! Just posted my new and first blog on CatFan everybody! Go check it out and tell me what you think, plz?? xoxo
  6. My First CatFan Blog!

    [img src="" width="540" height="720"] Goodafternoon my Fellow Catfannerz and Welcome to Shai's World. Now, I must tell you that I look at my life as if it is a story and I'm the main character. I can say that the story is already written in stone and we just have to color within the lines and follow the path. But I'd be lying because my story is nothing like that. Ya see, I'm the author of my own story. I built my own path and I walk that path everyday. I color outside of the lines and I don't even walk down my path. I dance down it. Nobody runs my life but me and the Big Guy Upstairs. So, if you happen to read some of my blogs and wonder to urself why it seems like ur reading a novel, don't be surprised. This is just how I write and, dammit, I want my story to sound just as good as I know it is. I want my stories to be interesting. And, trust me when I say, that I will be sending some interesting stories ur way. I will tell you right now that there is never a dull moment in my life because everybody in my life is nowhere near dull. And, plus, Im about as wild as they come. I'm a sarcastic lil asshole who has alot to say and very little time to say it. I'm outgoing, wild, and I can be a complete party animal when I actually have the time to go out and party. lol I'm quarrelsome, and quirky, and unlike any other Black chick you've ever met. I've got peircings in places you'd never think to get one and I have an obsession with High-top sneakers and skinny jeans that completely take up my whole wardrobe. lol I could go to the movies everyday if I had the money and never get tired of it. I love to write about anything and everything, I could never live without Mint Oreo ice cream, and I live for Trashy Reality Television. I like women just as much as I like men, and Im not ashamed to say so and I believe that retail therapy is a great way to relieve some stress...just don't do too much of that, okay? lol I have a boyfriend who reminds me of a great Sunday afternoon. The kind where you stay in your PeeJayz and watch movies and eat popcorn. With him life is at it's uncomplicated best and that is why i refer to him as my Teddy Bear. He keeps me safe and tries his damnest to keep me outta trouble. I have a bestfriend who is absolutely perfect in every way. I refer to her as my Thing 1 (and yes, that means I am Thing 2.) because she just gets me. Yeah, we have our disagreements but at the end of the day we are still as close as we've always been. I have an identical twin sister who looks nothing like me who's just about as quirky as I am. I have an older sister who is too old to be living with my parents. lol But she is still amazing so it's cool. =] And I have the craziest group of friends ever to hit this earth. lol You will hear lots about them and their stories soon. There is just so much that I have to share with you guys and I cant wait to do so. So, strap urselves in because it's gonna be a bumpy ride. xoxo, Shay Buttah.
  7. I never want to feel like I'm wasting time...
  8. Goodmorning, people! I think Im gonna post my first blog on here today. =)
  9. Off to the gym i go! Adios amigos!
  10. #NowPlaying Motivation-Kelly Rowland feat. Lil Wayne. =]
  11. Dang! That Humanities class took forever! But, Itz finally over...
  12. Off to my Humanities Class babez! Talk to you laterz. xoxo <3
  13. Just started CatFan today! This should be fun. =]