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  1. Dest1ned
    Addicted to her kisses~~
  2. Dest1ned
    it was a romanic Christmas Eve!
  3. Dest1ned
    feel so good to spend the two hours with her yesterday at SB~
  4. Dest1ned
    I don't see the professional part of our HR, so her comments means crap to me~~
  5. Dest1ned
    sweet kiss :-)
  6. Dest1ned
    It is our first date! Simple but warm!
  7. Dest1ned
    I wished I ordered the Eason Duo show tickets!
  8. Dest1ned
    it is gonna be a warm X'MAS :-)
  9. Dest1ned
    I failed to ask her to be my girlfriend yesterday night, when time was I am texting her about it~~I am such a coward!!
  10. Dest1ned
    She is the worse HR manager I've ever met!
  11. Dest1ned
    Mum was diagnosised diabetes! I was SI worried and pleasure is taking my breadth.
  12. Dest1ned
    Tomorrow she will be my place tasting the coffee I make her. Shall I confess? I guess this is the right time to do so! I don't wanna spend the Christmas day alone.
  13. Dest1ned
    Get used to say good night to her before the end of the day !
  14. Dest1ned
    I miss her again and the feeling does decline as the way I want it to be. I still miss to have her around and I still miss the way we kissed. She is with another guy right now, there is nothing I can't do to have her back and I know it is not possible to turn back time! God, I don't know how to get this feeling out of my heat and it is killing me i Wont able to say I love you to another girl before I get rid of this feeling.
  15. Dest1ned
    Tonight, we witness the eclipse together
  16. Dest1ned
    the HR woman is not professiona at all!!! screw you!
  17. Dest1ned
    Planning my business model~~ I will need to start something if I really need to realize my dream, don't wanna just day dreaming~it is not cool at all
  18. Dest1ned
    Each time I ran into her name in micro blog I felt compelling! I wanted to check her recent updates but i don't wanna see how she is getting together with her new boyfriends! I am still not over her and I don't know if I can.
  19. Dest1ned
    The only moment I won't feel lonely maybe it is the very limited time when i am taking a coffee break
  20. Dest1ned
    Feel tired when I found the conversations were all started in a single way! I hate wondering like this