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Blogs, marking the prosperity with "information sharing" is the characteristic of the first generation of portal, formally began with "thought the transition to share" for features of the second generation portal, and start to really create network knowledge value, marked the development of Internet enters into a higher stage. The first generation of doors because just information, although it can have a gateway to the link, is multilayer the link between the information, or belong to "flat" "integrated" portal.

The second generation blog portal due to the "people-oriented", it not only have the blog person or institution based, and blogs gateway to the various relations between people and organizations, and constitutes a variety of variety of relationship between the intricacies of the blog circles. So, the second generation from "the gateway to protect the plane's" "integrated" portal "stereo" to "multidimensional" portal. Due to people and institutions blog portal based on the function of diversification, caused toward "virtual blog gateway to the direction of the evolution of social".