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  1. magictom
    Wow,Big changiiing!
  2. MagicTom
    Congratulations!UK finishes bottom at Eurovision.
  3. MagicTom
    iPhone theme awesome! I love it...all check`t out
  4. MagicTom
    The best performance of dream concert goes to Cassiopeia (and tvxq). /claps wholeheartedly~
  5. MagicTom

    5 unusual phobias

    Ichthyophobia- Fear of fish. This really is one of my worst fears. I am literally TERRIFIED of those HORRID creatures. I cannot look at them, eat them or even say the word. I once went to the Nashville Zoo and went inside a building that had a HUGE aquarium on one wall, and I was up against the other wall hyperventilating. And in case you\'re wondering, yes I have been to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, but I was very young. I will NEVER go back there. NEVER!!! Chiraptophobia- Fear of being touched. This is probably because I most likelyhave OCD. I just HATE the feeling of someone else skin on mine. Doxophobia- Fear of expressing opinions or of receiving praise. About this fear, for me it\'s only receiving praise, NOT expressing opinions. It\'s probably because I very rarely get any compliments. I try to avoid it when it comes to certain things. Kenophobia - Fear of voids or empty spaces. This is SOO annoying to have! But I deal with it by hanging up posters in my room, having lots of furniture, etc. Seriously, if you put me in an empty room (especially a large one), I\'ll start to panic. Even pictures of empty spaces freak me out. I have no idea howI managed to develop this phobia. And finally: Lilapsophobia- Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes. The fear itself is not unusual, what people might find unusual is that I have it. Yes, I, the obsessed weather freak, is terrified of tornadoes. It all started in 1998 when I saw the damage from the F3 tornado that struck downtown Nashville. The fact that just plain wind could do that much damage horrified me. 12 years later and I still have a panic attack EVERY time we go under a tornado watch. This is definitely one of my biggest fears. Learning more about tornadoes, though, has lessened my fear somewhat. I guess it\'s because I know what\'s going on andone tend to fear the unknown, you know?
  6. magictom

    IE9 Preview version benchmark and features

    IE9 is the newest version of Microsoft Internet Exporter family.It supports HTML5,CSS3 and GPU acceleration ,and with a new Javascript engine called Chakra. BetaNews have tested the IE9 preview vesion today. Configure :Vista SP2 platform . Let look at the result below: [img src="" width="550" height="372"] [img src="" width="550" height="488"] IE9 is with a good performance ,6 times than IE8 , 13 times than IE7 .But it still slower than Chome5 and Opera10.5 . Comparing to IE family ,IE9 is a really revolution ,not only support new CSS standard ,and new HTML technology ,but also support GPU acceleration , the further development of art-of-state browser. With GPU acceleration , 3D online web-based Game will be possible , and also provide a better animation for a better UI and user experience .That`s really awsome. IE9 will be a good new for web developers ,but its not a system-preinstalled web browser , so how to promote the new browser is also a big tough for Microsoft .Can Microsoft give those developers who sucked at compatibility a really good news?
  7. magictom
    BBC on-line Radio really awesome !![link url=""]
  8. magictom
    US House finally passed key health bill today , ushering in the most sweeping health reform in decades.
  9. magictom
    BF2BC is better than MW2...That `s really awesome on the online experience.
  10. magictom
    Patrick Stump Premieres, Hole Returns, Muse Reigns In The Rain: Friday At SXSW [link url=""]
  11. MagicTom
    Hello world , I love this place.Welcome to my blog . Cheer up.