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    ideas or suggestions anyone???????????
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    So one of my followers had commented on one of my relationship advise blog and asked me to tell the story of how i know being clingy in a relationship is not the way to go. Well there was this guy, he was the cutest guy i have ever seen i swear. Well i had a crush on him well over a year he was like the guy of my dreams no not like he was. So i got the nerve to start talking to him i began sitting with him at lunch everyday at school we would walk to class together and he lived right down the street so we even sometimes hung out. One of my close friends well she was good friends with him and she knew how in love i was with this guy so she gave him my number and we talked all day. Well the next day he had asked me out. I died and went to heaven when he asked. We dated a little over 2 months and i felt like he didnt really like me and that i wasnt good enough for him, so i became a cling on. Always all over him and never really gave him any space at all. Next thing i knew i was sick from heart break. It took me forever to get over him but at least i learned my lesson:)
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    Realtionship advise 3!! don't be clingy. no one likes a cling on. give your bf or gf some room to breathe. ways to know if your being clingy are easy ask a friend if you seem to clingy. look for signs if your being ignored when with his or her friends and don't try to draw attention to yourself cause I'm sure you will have plenty of time with alone:)
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    Have you ever regretted something you knew you couldn't take back? If I could take back what I had done I honestly don't know what I would change... The reason why? How I did it? If I would have even tried something different? Or completely ignore the whole situation? Idk but I regret that night more than anything. What I do know is talking about it isn't going to solve anything... I guess I have to change myself since I cant change you or what I had done and I know exactly how to do that:) hopefully.
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    2nd Relationship Tip

    Is it bad for the girl to make the first move? This question is asked commonly by some of my girl friends. I would say its not the worst idea just to make sure the guy is ready to. Even if you were uncomfortable with making the first move there are simple and easy ways to give the guy a hint. For example simply glance at his lips for a couple of seconds then look back into his eyes. If that step doesn't help then just tell him there is nothing wrong with bluntly coming out and saying "kiss me" lol. I hope my advise was helpful:))))
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    Soooo I had a brief little thing to add to todays blog!!! 1st advise tip NEVER EVER EVER!!!!!!! Hang out with a ex and there new gf or bf!!!! That had happened to me today and you better believe it will never happen again!!!! :))))) lol i will explain the WHOLE thing in my next blog:))) lol and dont forget to asking your questions!!!:))) :P
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    Okay so here lately i haven't been blogging or posting anything aha not that it matters i don't have many followers so PLEASE PLEASE FOLLOW!! lol so anyway my mind has drawn a blank on the things i should blog about!!:( soooo I was looking at my past posts and realized most of it is about relationships!! so there it was my master piece!! my goal!! I would LOVE to give you guys relationship advise!! i know, i know im sure you all are thinking WHY in the world would i ask YOU for advise!! but little did you know i have been through alot of relationships from long distance relationships to bf likes best friend relationships even as far as best friends brother relationships sooooo PLEASE PLEASE START ASKING ME QUESTIONS??:D boys girls anyone!!! NOW!!
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    Boy: Lets play the question game you start:) Girl: Okay what your biggest fear?:)Boy: Loosing you:)Girl: awhh :) Okay if you could have one super power what would it be?:)Boy: To live foreverGirl: Why dont you think you would get bored with life?Boy: Not if I can live forever with you<3This was me and my boyfriends conversation<3 I LOVE HIM!! [img src="" width="215" height="234"]
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    Its unfathomable how much I think of you. Its immeasurable for how much I care for you. My love is unlimited to you and only you. My emotions are untold when I look at you. My heart beats abrupt when I touch you. Please tell me you feel the same?:)
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    IM IN LOVE!!<3

    Does anyone ever feel like when you meet this guy and you just have a gut feeling that this person might just be the one. Like when you hang out with him you want to kiss him so bad but your not sure if he you to. When you hold hands you just want to cuddle next up to him and never move. Where you look into his eyes you never want to look away where you hug him and want to whisper in his ear " I love you". I THINK IM IN LOVE <3
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    Well here lately I have fallen for this guy well when we had broken up he went for my best friend and almost ruined our friendship. Well I just cant get him out of my mind no matter what i do. Well like I had said in my last post I write poetry so I thought I would share one:) ' Always over you but never completely sure Always will love you but don't know if I still do Always will cry for you but are my tears worth you Never will be with you as if it was up to me Please tell me what your thoughts are<3 [img src="" width="259" height="194"]
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    Hey everyone my name is Ariel I write poetry and to be a journalist is my dream. So I thought creating a blog would help me pursue my dream. Maybe I will put some of my poems up or maybe events in my life just let me know if you have any ideas!!!:)