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  1. ainsel
    Each imaginary success load imaginary endeavor without exception.
  2. ainsel

    Just a milestone for pro/E.

    This is the 31 days for me to learn proe. It is not easy,so I must award myself. I can make a plastic bottle now,use rotation,surface tension and use a complex formular: sd40=15+8*sin(360*trajpar*5) Back to 31 days before,all I can do with pro/E is to creat new solid,draw a circle and stretch it to a cylinder(Oh god!)! [img src="" width="640" height="328"]
  3. ainsel
    Man proposes,God disposes.
  4. ainsel

    Not everything need a change

    [img src="" width="431" height="424"] In my family,there is only at most 40%of a day for us to conmmunicate .The other part is to do our own things ang keep silence. In this poor "talk time",20%of it is compalied or argue with each other for some unnecessary item.80% of it is the daily necessary talking like "dinner is already","turn off the tv","I buy some cabbage". I try to change this situation.And I fail. It is not the first time I failed to change. But now I think from another aspect,why do I have to change?Why not accept the reality? Just like <THE MIDDLE>, a poor mum try to make her family more effeciency,more tidy,want to keep their lawn clean ... But her 3 children are too special. Finally she realized "not everything need a change,not to be a good,tidy and harmonious family,we can also be happy." So do I.
  5. ainsel
    How to pronunce "r" in Germen?
  6. ainsel
    Yeah,mom is right ,I have to learn step by step.
  7. ainsel
    I bought a new camera,and I kill my wallet.