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      via shawnbrackbill    [img src="" width="513" height="95"] TextPhotoQuoteLinkChatAudioVideo + Pick avatar    873 notes reblog staff: [img src="" width="500" height="237"] Name Meme MollyFirst post July 2009 Meme Molly is an internet personality and presenter of the video blog Rocketboom. Born and raised in England, Molly started uploading videos in 2006. Just one year later, she earned a nomination for Best Commentary video at the YouTube Awards. Today, she has over 50 million total views. She moved to New York in 2009 to serve as anchor of Rocketboom’s Daily News, where she covers top news stores, internet culture, and pretty much any topic you can imagine. She likes to go online sometimes. Also check out… Postcards From AmericaFive photographers and a writer document a road trip from San Antonio to Oakland. I Don’t Live HereBen Gold: A sweet kid from Boston with big dreams. Ridiculous Pictures of Céline DionIt does exactly what it says. #Tumblr Tuesday    3,170 notes reblog staff: [img src="" width="500" height="420"] Awesome! Our friends at Flickr have updated their share feature to include Tumblr as one of the featured destinations. Aww, we feel so loved - and we love you too! Source: #NEWS #TECH    1,993 notes reblog staff: [img src="" width="500" height="333"] This Saturday, Tumblr takes the Windy City! Come out and join us for a Millennium Park Meetup andTumblr Reads at Street Side Bar! Make some new friends, catch up with some old ones, and grab some of those awesome Tumblr buttons. See you there! (Photo by minusmanhattan.) #LIT    858 notes reblog staff: [img src="" width="500" height="237"] The New InquiryFirst post September 2009 The New Inquiry is a space for discussion that aspires to enrich cultural and public life by putting all available resources—both digital and material—toward the promotion and exploration of ideas. The New York based organization was founded in 2009 as a visible platform for critical thought, with endorsements and citations by The New York Times, Harper’s, Arts & Letters Daily, Bookforum, Inside Higher Education, The National Book Critics Circle, The Nation and others. Also check out… 62wordsSixty-two word short stories. No more, no less. NFL Off-SeasonThey have more insider info on your team than Bill Belichick. Gary’s Real LifeHis name is Gary. This is his real life. #Tumblr Tuesday    936 notes reblog [video src=""] We had a great time at Tumblr Reads About Music! Thanks to the community and all the performers for coming out on Friday. Stay tuned for info on upcoming readings in Chicago and LA!    5,499 notes reblog [img src="" width="500" height="327"] Our new Japanese Tumblr Logo T-shirt is now available through BustedTees! All proceeds will go directly to the International Federation of the Red Cross to support disaster relief efforts by the Japanese Red Cross Society. Source: #JAPAN    2,456 notes reblog staff: [img src="" width="500" height="700"] Reminder! Tumblr Reads is tonight at Housing Works in NYC. Open bar from 7-8. See y’all there! #Events #Tumblr Reads