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  1. chondy
    nice ball?
  2. chondy

    Watching me

    [img src="" width="460" height="372"] so seriously XDDDD
  3. chondy

    Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart a Break (Official Video)

    [video src=""] i love u my love :) x
  4. chondy

    Sukhoi Su-27

    [img src="" width="500" height="333"]
  5. chondy
    dying my hair. im not as pale as it looks like, hehe
  6. chondy
    weekend :) <3
  7. chondy
    Mushroom Melt Burger from Wendy's + Hot Coffee. ;) .Breakfast Yummmyyy!
  8. chondy
    Valentine's day passed....nightmare really!
  9. chondy

    Cat in Cat

    [img src="" width="360" height="500"] wow! cute!....:-D
  10. chondy
    I'm determined to have a good day today. :)
  11. chondy
    Hi, everyone. I`m to see you all... I <3 U