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  1. cutie1774


    [img src="" width="480" height="640"] me and others on mah birfday. (nov. 30)
  2. cutie1774


    Me at the band concert thursday [img src="" width="640" height="853"]
  3. cutie1774

    It's Been Awhile

    making weird faces is fun.  :) [img src="" width="640" height="853"]
  4. cutie1774


    Me and this little bitch. Buttttt. I guess i love her anyways.. ^.^ [img src="" width="480" height="640"]
  5. cutie1774

    Shower Flow

    [img src="" width="480" height="640"] I was sick, hence the way my eyes look. But my all wrapped up in my towel, shower cap still on and everything.
  6. cutie1774


    [img src="" width="303" height="425"]
  7. cutie1774
    Hmmm. I never finished my 30 day photo challenge. Maybe I'll find another challenge to post about up here.
  8. cutie1774
    Happy Fathers Day. Woot woot
  9. cutie1774

    Day 20

    A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel. [img src="" width="550" height="418"] I wanna go to Mexico.Ethiopia is my 2nd choice, but Mexico. <3
  10. cutie1774

    Day 19

    A picture and a letter [img src="" width="180" height="124"] Dear A_ _ _ _ _, You're pretty darn amazing, and you're funny too. We never got to sing together, I regret that. But I'm gonna miss you more than you realize. Actually, I already did/do miss you more than you realized. I don't know why, it's not like we were very close friends or anything. But I still felt a kind of emptiness when we stopped talking. But yeah, you're pretty adorable. And I'm am REALLY gonna miss you. I guess that's it.                       ~Love Brianna
  11. cutie1774

    Day 18

    A picture of your biggest insecurity. [img src="" width="150" height="150"] my body is my biggest insecurity, i think..?
  12. cutie1774

    Day 17

    A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently. [img src="" width="344" height="427"] Kittrell, my big bro. Yeah, i think he impacted me alot....
  13. cutie1774

    Day 16

    A picture of someone who inspires you [img src="" width="250" height="259"] Don't know that much about her, but her quotes are inspirational af. One time i spent about 3 hours just reading and thinking about them
  14. cutie1774

    Day 15

    A picture of something you want to do before you die. [img src="" width="360" height="450"] I've always wanted to kiss someone under mistletoe
  15. cutie1774

    Day 14

    A picture of someone you could never imagine your live without. [img src="" width="640" height="480"] My mom. Nuff said
  16. cutie1774

    Day 13

    A picture of your favorite band or artist. [img src="" width="287" height="280"] I don't really have a favorite. But recently, all i've been listening to is Bruno Mars. soo yeah...
  17. cutie1774

    Day 12

    A picture of something you love. [img src="" width="497" height="68"] when people message me this kinda shit :)))
  18. cutie1774

    Day 11

    A picture of something you hate. [img src="" width="325" height="249"] pop-ups and shit on certain websitess
  19. cutie1774

    Day 10

    A picture of the person you do the most ****** things with. [img src="" width="640" height="853"] [img src="" width="640" height="853"] [img src="" width="640" height="480"] Well, i didnt have a pic with all 3. But i do a lotta ****** up things with Venida, Khadira, and Kalkedan.
  20. cutie1774

    Day 9

    A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most. [img src="" width="640" height="360"] Well, i  never really have anything where i need a good friend to help me through it. But, whenever i need to tell someone something i usually tell jonelle. cuz she's the craziest out of everyone, so she can't judge me. yeahh.....