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【汉译英】韩寒:这一代人 Our generation

I’ve been brushing up my old blogs since yesterday.

While in 2006 I was writing about my car races and my dog occasionally, today I’m making the best of maintaining my Writing Quality (never mind my first ten blogs). Just two months ago, I wrote about not only slaughtering the dignitaries(rich) but also the people (poor), except myself——the only one that I forgot to Slaughter. In Chinese, Slaughter can be a serious word, which is not usually used on individuals. However, sometimes Myself does not means only ONE PERSON. A man who doesn’t slaughter himself is dangerous: sometimes he may be forced to jab himself by his own hand, and then furiously revenge. Remember the events in 1962, which is followed by that in 1966, and then the famous seventy-thirty theory on Mao, and finally, the Good Old Days ended.

I’m going to my mother school to give a speech sometime after the Back-to-school Day, about which I think I’ve figured out the topic: I will be in my thirties in seven months. I will tell my young schoolmates my right-and-wrongs and my reflection on my past ten-thousand days. I’ve always been the nonbeliever of the whole Success Science Region, and I hate it when people give an address about their way to success from the small TV screen in the airports: there is a lot that could not be made clear about the Way to Success, besides, you cannot throw your shit luck directly on your listeners’ faces, as a result, watching others marching on their Way to Success usually makes no good to your own success, but listening to others’ failure may be useful to prevent your own ones.

Since I am the kind of man who hates iteration, I appreciate the large number of the Chinese words.When I stare at my blogs, I suddenly recognize that in 2011, I had always been easily to fall into some kind of depression, for I didn’t know what to write about. Just now I saw my blogs in 2008, and that year seems to be still in sight. 2008: snowstorm, Carrefour, the earthquake, the Olympic Games, Sanlu. Moreover, in 2008.2.5, four years ago today,I wrote a blog named Our Generation,which most people wouldn’t even notice, but actually, I started my journey of writing essays ever since.

At this night, I started to think about this topic. I was rebellious when my career took off,resisting the elders, packed up and left Shanghai for Beijing,just because I had heard about “Beijing fits you if you are to engage in the cultural stuff. At that time,there was neither Beijing Fifth Ring nor pubs in Houhai. All my friends were at college, and the adults were using ICQ and OICQ.I stood alone at a window in a 20th floor sample room, unaccompanied, in the solitude, probably more lonely than a poor leather plunger.Having used up all my savings, when I turned on my computer, I was too upset to write a single word.For four years, the only thing I’ve learned in Beijing is how to drive a racing car. Then I returned Shanghai, found the girl I loved in my high school, but soon my old classmates graduated from college, and we broke up, again.

“Why can’t I stand the newspapers published before 2006?” one of my friends asked,who felt better right after 2006. “For our generation have graduated and are gradually coming to serve the public media”, I answered. Regretfully, that friend didn’t like to read newspapers in the mid-1990s——(political) environment was far better at that time, the newspapers were therefore more INTERESTING,which also enlightened me by the way.

For my part, it’s a little bit simple to describe a generation by decades, and I think there is no obvious distinction between two generations——there is undoubtedly no difference whether you are born in 1989 or 1991, except for the fact that it seems the boy born on THE DAY of 1989 could hardly receive any greetings from his forum friends on birthday.

I’m optimistic about the whole 80s, late 70s and the early 90s generation, who are mostly struggling in the middle of the whole society. They grew up in the Brain-Wash Educate System, but the atmosphere was far better than that during the Culture Revolution.Boring textbook-brain-wash only ignited their fire of rebellion, moreover, the influx of the Internet and western products deepens their feelings about being fooled by the authorities.They couldn’t find anyone to blame, neither was able to revenge. Since our generation has missed all the chances to be in the money during the social transformation, most people are now struggling in awkward situation, yetin a way harder than their fathers.

When I was young and in Beijing, my peers were always disdained by me, for I finally discovered that the majority of my friends are still made up of my peers, even though I got some elder friends.

I believe there is still a lot waiting for our generation to witness,and what we are seeing today are no more than just some dandruff.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if our generation have come into power. Authority changes authority. Though the government holds authority tightly in its hand, the discourse rights, the human rights, powers of person, powers of social impact, and even the power-less of every single person, can all pool into authority, and that is how the public authority changes. However, changing the authority is never the purpose, bounding the authority is——my first blog in the end of last year didn’t made it right on that point: no pressure, no motility. The progress we see today is just because the science is making progress, in the end, still, only authority changes itself.

There is a saying that you are what you made of,and I’m looking forward to see what our generation could make up. Despite the fact that the social changes will not happen in the card-cash-commodity fast way that the Chinese in favor of, I’m still convinced that the best chance to turn for the better is in our generation’s hand.

I take right the same blog title four years after 2008. My 2008 blog is not bad, but I tried my best to satire the elder generations to toady——I even wrote that the dumbasses and bastards in our generation havenot got on stage yet.

I’ll write the same title Our Generation every four years.

To my peers and the looming bastards.