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Blogs, blogs .... and blogs!

So as I mentioned before I follow some bogs, most of them are about cooking and fashion. One of my most favourite is "From Head To Toe" blogged by Jen {}, she writes and makes a lot of amazing tutorials about make up and fashion. You can find here a lot of advices about skin care, which are really very useful. I've tried a lot of things from her tutorials, and guys, it really works.

I love to cook and when I want to try something new I go to TasteSpotting pages {}. The advantage is that you see the final result, and you just pick a receipt which looks yummi :). On other words, it's just like a big cook book by images, really nice. I love it! - a very nice blog from one Korean woman, a designer, with a lot of articles, which describes her everyday life. Sometimes it inspires :).

Xteener, {} almost the same as From Head To Toe blogger, you can find here a lot of make up tutorials, advices what cosmetics is worth for.

Bye bye...