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  1. homka
    exhausted (~.~) & starving!
  2. homka

    Cook & Eat

    When I have free time I like to cook :) [img src="" width="640" height="480"]
  3. homka
  4. homka
    Feel bad when I realize that I didn't full fill the expectations of my parents.
  5. homka
    Hate when people promise smth, and then try to imagine some incredible reason, why it doesnt work!
  6. homka

    Early mornings, gardening and muffins with cranberries

    Today I've realized that I hate gardening and early mornings. Wake up before 8 make me blue, may be because I like to go sleep late, around 12 or 1 in the morning. I spent a lot of time at work, I'm a programmer, I love my job, but I spent more than 8 hours coding a day, programming or implementing, you can call it as you like. And I love, when I have a day off, on those days I spent my time in the kitchen... baking... baking cakes, muffins, puddings, and many other things. I also like to cook, but I prefer Korean or Japanese kitchen. I dream about wide, light, big kitchen with a good oven. My oven isn't so bad, but the option of baking the upper side of the dish sounds really nice. P.S. My English isn't good, I'll try to improve my skills. Have a nice weekend
  7. homka
    Good Morning~!
  8. homka
    I woke up at 6:45 am, may be not so early, but too early for me. I have to be at work at 8:00am, so I had to wake up. Today I was exhausted, I'm so tired, that I can not even sleep. Well, I love my job, but it take a lot of energy as others. Sometimes I stay late at work, I like those moments when I'm enjoying doing something useful. Hm... I have no luck with my mother-in-law, it's more like monster-in-law from the "Monster-in-law" movie with Jennifer Lopez...
  9. homka

    Home made apple pie

    [img src="" width="640" height="480"] Yup yup, I like to bake.. :)
  10. homka

    Blogs, blogs .... and blogs!

    So as I mentioned before I follow some bogs, most of them are about cooking and fashion. One of my most favourite is "From Head To Toe" blogged by Jen {[link url=""]}, she writes and makes a lot of amazing tutorials about make up and fashion. You can find here a lot of advices about skin care, which are really very useful. I've tried a lot of things from her tutorials, and guys, it really works. I love to cook and when I want to try something new I go to TasteSpotting pages {[link url=""]}. The advantage is that you see the final result, and you just pick a receipt which looks yummi :). On other words, it's just like a big cook book by images, really nice. I love it! - a very nice blog from one Korean woman, a designer, with a lot of articles, which describes her everyday life. Sometimes it inspires :). Xteener, {[link url=""]} almost the same as From Head To Toe blogger, you can find here a lot of make up tutorials, advices what cosmetics is worth for. Bye bye...