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  1. huyifei
    I just like to chat in aydate, if you don't mind, we understand each other.My aydate user name is: huyifei if you have aydate, can add me, if you don't have aydate, can be in this website to register a aydate belongs to you. [link url=""]
  2. huyifei
    I am an ordinary Chinese girl. my name is huyifei, I like to watch TV, like singing, like the sea. Every day, I basically had to repeat the same life, though a bit plain, but I feel very happy. I love my parents, they care and education to me. Some of my best friends, we can talk about anything. I dreamed of one day to travel around the world, even though I now have not been to many places in China. I believe in Going is a kind of beauty, I believe that honesty between people. I love literature, sports and music, more like a person sitting quietly listening to the rain hear the wind, feel the taste of nature. Do you want to know more about me? Can go to my room