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  1. jean11919

    How Resume Mistakes Will Cost You an Interview

    For the ones who don't know, let me tell you that resumes are not just meant for writing educational qualifications, skills and other personal details necessary for a job. A resume is actually the only connecting link between you and an interview call. For the legitimate job seekers, who take on their own to search jobs and do not depend on references or don't have anyone to refer them, resumes play a very important role in getting them noticed. In-fact for such candidates, resumes are the only way of strengthening their chances of getting an interview call. If their resume is strong enough, they would be considered, else the resume would be lost amidst the thousands of other similar job applications. In short, the way a resume(for more information regarding resume writing and sample resume visit ( has been created forms the very foundation of getting further chances of being considered. Common resume mistakes can cost dearly and so one should take utmost care in making the resume as strong as possible. Here are the common resume mistakes that can cost you an interview chance: Salary expectations:Salary expectations  are the most irritating part of any resume. Then you speak of your  salary expectations, it's like you are giving yourself a price tag.   Never write a perfect figure as your minimum expectation, even if  you are very keen on mentioning your salary expectation. Instead,  write a range. Irrelevant hobbies or   interests:You like   to collect ancient stamps? So what? There's no big deal in it even  if you have a stamp collection and had it mentioned in some world  record book. Write it only if you feel it is relevant to the job you  are applying for, otherwise, better skip it. Irrelevant or very old   work experiences:Very old experiences that date some 10-12 years back are better   omitted from resumes. They don't matter much to the current date and so are, in a way, irrelevant. Poor language, bad   sentences, wrong words or flowery language:If you are not good at grammar and sentence construction (or in case too good to think of resume as a piece of literature), better seek resume advice from a professional resume writer or ask a friend to   give some resume advice. Heavy graphics and   unprofessional format:A lot of tables or a fancy font looks very bad on professional   resumes. In fact, such resumes are not considered professional   at-all. Unnecessary personal   details:No one is  interested in the fact whether you are single, married, divorced or   about your religious views and inclinations. Religious views,  especially, may seem provocative at times.
  2. jean11919
    Jean Paul is an expert author who regularly guides job seekers with his expert tips for writing professional resume. Many people are befitted by his expert comment and tips. His expert advices for resume writing are always helpful for freshermen and experienced also.