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  1. jeanmissyou

    Play girl in the making

    There she goes , she is young only 10 .. her first love is a guy called "Xiao Xin" Lucan Tan .. , she had butterflies in her stomach, was this love ?? well xiao xin means careful in chinese .. and how not careful is he .. to steal gals hearts. She's a prefect , he the class monitor, wow in those days teachers were strict, you werent allowed to talk in class and if u do ,. you had to suck a pacifier .. kind of humiliating at first.. his face turned red.. and he had to take out his monitor badge, 'lucan quick suck the pacifier! I count one two three. ok you will get cane come on" ok so lucan picks it up and suck .. a kind of humiliation .. class continues. ...
  2. jeanmissyou
  3. jeanmissyou
    Hi, everyone. I`m ...Miss You.. yes im a miss and my surname is you.. were you thinking something else
  4. jeanmissyou
    hello there i like to write about stories so this is my blog about alot of stories