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  1. myluckystar
    Hi, everyone..long time no seee....^ ^
  2. myluckystar
    Im Happy with my Happy Meal!
  3. myluckystar
    you make me smile like the sun....
  4. myluckystar
    it was warm the other day, but dont be fooled it not like this anymore... that was all of are so-called heatwave XD
  5. myluckystar
    We fear rejection, want attention, crave affection and dream of perfection.♥
  6. myluckystar

    February 1st 2011

    Here with a late-night booth. Its almost 10 pm here. I've been doing a ton of homework tonight..making stuff up from being absent. I'm almost done though. I just have some math homework to finish up. I brought my school's camera back today (I rented it) but then I discovered that I could "renew" my check out for it :) I want to go on a photo walk tomorrow since the weather has been so nice lately. I've been thinking about bullies lately and my experiences with them. For those who don't know, I was teased and picked on quite a bit when I was younger. I even had a bag of dog poop thrown at me once in middle school. Don't bully kids! It hurts them more than you think. I hate when I see someone getting picked on because I know how that feels and it hurts really bad emotionally. [img src="" width="233" height="349"] The top picture is of a guitar hero guitar. This game is my heroin <3 haha I think I may have an addiction to it. The bottom picture is a Happy New Year picture from my Sims 2 Legacy Family. The Baity Family! I gave the founder man a nice classy name but I forgot that whoever proposes marriage (which happens to be her!) is the one who keeps the family name. So now my legacy sounds like they should own a fishing supply store but thats ok! :) It makes Sims 2 more fun when random events like that happen. Ok...back to the ever changing enigma of math homework O.o