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Chapter I

Gothic Metal 快半年不听了

The feeble leafs decline 残花败叶飘零
Enshrined in downing deep 只在失落的深渊中才被铭记
The mourn abandoned plains
Laid down in sombre sleep
Misty shades engulf the sky(engulf:吞没 这句译作:雾锁天际 很漂亮)
Like past, worn memories (worn用得好 意指破旧的)

The bird's song fills the whispering breeze
With autumns melody
The lunar pale grim shape
At evening's sight renews
It's silented wail relieves (wail n.悲叹,哀号)
Repressed thoughts anew

I hear the lonesome choir(lonesome 寂寞的)
Of fortunes past my way