1. Terminal to terminal

    [img src="https://catf.me/photos/da904ea8b1f6b420b7abaf86bed125f3.jpg" width="1080" height="1080"] Do you speak English

    Guangzhou take the Bus No.231(bus stop over there
    Yes 231 is the bus Number
    250 terminal at Zhongshan ba

    It's 2o2
    Oh I see you need to go to Guangzhou bIyunqu
    But no the bus no the number now
    You take the bus No.231 to The Terminal and transfer the No.228 to baitunqu

    Where you from? What's your naition
    How long did you to here
    Ok bus stop
    You at here take bus 231 and I'm terminal take the 228
    Terminal to terminal just transferred one time
    This trip need over two hours
    Take on
    Good luck

  2. Excuse me may I help you oh last trainNo no No.It's Guangzhou to DaliOh I can Manager you Don't worry It have the last train,wait.No the choice(广佛城巴)Oh this oneYou see Guangzhou dao Dali Take taxi at Dali (to your hotel)///Excuse me may I help youIt's time to last train That bus no number that name just Guangzhou to Dali Please wait a moment I can manage youThe last train Immediate Look bus came The one to Dali if at terminal that you can take taxi to your hotel.k///
  3. Hello gorgeous may I help you?Here not to there ,now is late Tomorrow can take No,here not tomorrow notDo you busy to there zhanjiangDo you need book railway or air planeYes this bus opposite the roadYes the bus express to Guangzhou The first trip at sixYes six O'clock At the entrance right
  4. Where are you go?OhDo you speak English?He said you like a soldier in forest.Would you like tell me where are you from?O NigeriaDo you came back Nigeria?In before ,many people like you Nigeria didn't say English .So many people said English in NigeriaDo you know many people like you live in Guangzhou Taojin.Do you like live in here.Ok next question sensitive...I need take off bus next shop.see you .
  5. Hello excuses me You need go the street (sidewalk)and goto thereThere is a store Would you like tell me where you are goingRailway station Guangzhou railway station Ok but this is slow busFast bus(express) over there Crossing the road and go to there two hundred meters There is a bank and a stop No problem OK
  6. tomdotk  2015-12-09 21:35My Vivid Memoryone thing in my Deep memory that i came home from Guangzhou by foot.when i was a boy i like to guangzhou city .i used to guangzhou by bike or ship .1992,the first Bus throught guangzhou to my town. that is my first time take Bus to guangzhou . i goto the nanfang building。I spendt all money that left one yuan take Bus.But something unfortune to happen.Bus is too crowded to take and this is guangzhou only one Bus to my town.just that.I decide goto home by foot .this trip spend my five hours.and met a man to shunde by foot in the way .time is PM 9:30 ,i back to home.my parents worry about all night.
  7. The Tyler Group Wealth Management Merrill Lynch Personal Investment Advisory: Hong Kong Stocks Rise

    Hong Kong Stocks Rise on Phone Companies; Casinos Decline - [link url="http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-04-29/hong-kong-stocks-fluctuate-as-investors-weigh-earnings.html"] Hong Kong stocks rose, with the benchmark index advancing from a one-month low, as gains at phone companies offset a slump by casino operators.   China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd., the nation’s no. 2 telecommunications company, rallied the most since October to lead gains on the Hang Seng Index. Sands China Ltd. fell 2.6 percent and Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd. sank 4.6 percent after analyst’s trimmed forecasts for growth in Macau gaming revenue this month. Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. climbed 7 percent after a surge in first-quarter earnings. The Hang Seng Index added 1.5 percent to 22,453.89 at the close in Hong Kong, extending gains in the final 30 minutes of trading. The Hang Seng China Enterprises Index of mainland companies, known as the H-share index, gained 1.2 percent to 9,882.94. China’s Shanghai Composite Index gained 0.8 percent, after the measure briefly fell below the 2,000 level, as speculation grew that the government will take steps to bolster the economy. “The Chinese government has made it clear it will do what it takes to make sure the economy doesn’t slip too badly,” said Vasu Menon, vice president of wealth management at Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. in Singapore. “China risk is there but it has lessened quite significantly. The government has come through and shown it will act, so I’m less worried.” Futures on the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index advanced 0.2 percent. Major U.S. indexes recovered in the last hour of trading yesterday, paring losses sparked by the U.S. and European Union levying new sanctions against Russia. The U.S. equities benchmark yesterday closed 0.3 percent higher, erasing losses of as much as 0.7 percent. Internet and smaller companies pulled back from a selloff amid optimism over merger activity. Pfizer Inc. added 4.2 percent after proposing to buy AstraZeneca Plc for about 58.8 billion pounds ($98.7 billion). Mainland Shares The Hang Seng Index (HSI) fell 3.7 percent this year while the H-share gauge lost 8.6 percent as mounting signs of a slowdown fueled speculation China won’t meet its official 7.5 percent target for economic expansion. The Hang Seng Index traded at 10.2 times estimated earnings yesterday, compared with 15.9 for the S&P 500. Almost all Chinese provinces failed to meet their growth targets in the first quarter even after scaling back their ambitions as the government instructed officials to focus on reining in debt and curbing pollution. Thirty of 31 provinces and municipalities reported missing their goals, with the biggest shortfall in northeastern Heilongjiang, where an expansion of 4.1 percent compared with an 8.5 percent target for the year. Most localities’ targets are lower than in 2013. The latest data were released by government websites and newspapers. Stimulus Cut In the U.S., the Federal Reserve will probably announce a fourth straight stimulus cut at the conclusion of a two-day meeting tomorrow, according to economists polled by Bloomberg. Phone companies led gains among the 11 industry groups on the Hang Seng Composite Index. China Unicom climbed 6.4 percent to HK$11.24. China Mobile Ltd., the world’s biggest carrier, added 4.6 percent to HK$73.15. Guangzhou Automobile advanced 7 percent to HK$8.14 as first-quarter net income soared 78 percent to 849.2 million yuan. Sands China sank 2.6 percent to HK$57.90, Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd. declined 4.6 percent to HK$86.80 and Galaxy Entertainment slid 4.6 percent to HK$62.30. Brokerages including Wells Fargo & Co. cut forecasts for April gaming revenue in Macau. China Huishan Dairy Holdings Co. tumbled 9.8 percent to HK$1.65; it’s lowest-ever close. The maker of dairy products extended declines following last week’s share sale. Cultivating Understanding and Earning Trust - [link url="http://www.wealthmanagement.ml.com/WM/system/ViewFAPage.aspx?pageurl=TYLER_GROUP"] [quote url="http://www.wealthmanagement.ml.com/WM/system/ViewFAPage.aspx?pageurl=TYLER_GROUP" host="www.wealthmanagement.ml.com" title="" description="the tyler group is registered to do business with merrill lynch." type="article" thumbnail="" k="92f274f5db"]
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