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  1. sianofa
    This is what happens when your bored on a Wednesday afternoon and you go on picnik:L Much love:)
  2. sianofa
    Good morning, Cats...I've decided to be lazy and spend the day watching the Harry Potter films and pigging out.
  3. sianofa

    Scared cat

    [img src="" width="233" height="304"] O_O...What`s up kittny...
  4. sianofa

    football day

    [img src="" width="450" height="338"] If i can't see you, you can't see me. Went to watch the football today. Was meant to be going with Aime but she came with Emily and because she has her under her control at all times she wasn't 'allowed' to go off with anyone else so i ended up taking Fudge and Annie for a walk and then walked them back home i was that bored. Its been really sunny today as well i was planning on hanging around with some friends like normal people do on a sunny day but no. i have no friends where i live that actually want to hang around. all my friends live in different places and i only see them when i go to school -.-
  5. sianofa
    Aced it. Now I'm just going to enjoy the movie.(:
  6. sianofa
    Going to see Spedden today. Herp derp~
  7. sianofa
    one day left 'til summervacation!
  8. sianofa
    very very tried today....i havent think carefully yet...."do i really love u?"....maybe yes or not..XX).