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  1. sokoder


    [img src="" width="450" height="600"] Callie (Mom's cat) was in a perfect, adorable position and I HAD to take a picture!!! <3
  2. sokoder
    withoutt school I am reaaaally bored .
  3. sokoder
    Finally, finished workouts now im tired:):)
  4. sokoder

    my wallpaper

    [img src="" width="450" height="338"] This is my wallpaper on my laptop, It helps me through the day. Truly beautiful...
  5. sokoder
    OMG!...Microsoft Has Acquisition Deal With Nvidia?!
  6. sokoder
    I love this place....!
  7. sokoder

    lucky day

    [img src="" width="233" height="175"] hoho look so happy and proud on it !! yeap today I have voted for the first time !