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  1. 音箱,耳机

    [img src="" width="810" height="1080"] [img src="" width="810" height="1080"] 音箱怎么说,音箱 / yīn xiāng /
    loudspeaker box; voice box
    音箱 / yīn xiāng /
    2耳机 headset
  2. All time is no time when is pasted
  3. Speech:Donald Trump watch party US presidential election

    [img src="" width="810" height="1080"] [img src="" width="810" height="1080"] [img src="" width="810" height="1080"]
  4. Hello gorgeous may I help you?Here not to there ,now is late Tomorrow can take No,here not tomorrow notDo you busy to there zhanjiangDo you need book railway or air planeYes this bus opposite the roadYes the bus express to Guangzhou The first trip at sixYes six O'clock At the entrance right
  5. Then when luck comes you're ready
  6. I am here

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  7. [link url=""]
  8. nothing to see go away go away

    [img src="" width="640" height="480"]
  9. mobike

    [img src="" width="640" height="853"] Are you seen it before
  10. Supplementary:HelloWould you like tell me where you are goOh at right side out of entrance NoStraight
  11. after you
  12. Time is out off (terminal is ..)You need to jiazhou square (by bus)Yes thereExcuse me are you looking for something(Oh dear you get the wrong way)The way is there not thereI know but you get the wrong wayYou need in next stop get off and go to the way opposite (by another bus)
  13. Hi buddy Are you waiting the bus?But here not bus nowYou need goto yanbuyiyuan by 260Yes two six O
  14. what is this

    [img src="" width="640" height="853"]
  15. Would you like tell me where you are go
  16. (after you)
  17. Could you mind close the door(window)
  18. Where are you go?OhDo you speak English?He said you like a soldier in forest.Would you like tell me where are you from?O NigeriaDo you came back Nigeria?In before ,many people like you Nigeria didn't say English .So many people said English in NigeriaDo you know many people like you live in Guangzhou Taojin.Do you like live in here.Ok next question sensitive...I need take off bus next shop.see you .
  19. After you
  20. A Doctor move to another place.He give some medication to his neighbor.nothing to you but some pills.But neighbor refuses ,I never sick.Doctor said that you have the pills that you will sick.