【Tech】Parallax Scrolling

A popular technique makes you feeling the web is 3D when you scroll the bar!
Amazing effect, actually, and only suitable for personal site
Here are some of the examples:

http://www.iutopi.com/【Tech】Parallax Scrollinghttp://www.campaignmonitor.com/hiring/
Personally I like this site most. A site to hire designers which best illustrate the power of parallax scrolling.【Tech】Parallax Scrollinghttp://www.siebennull.com/【Tech】Parallax Scrollinghttp://www.head2heart.us/
This site is inspiring. When we need to educate the users, we can find some points to learn from it.【Tech】Parallax Scrollinghttp://benthebodyguard.com/
This site is cool! a bodyguard's app and it is like a game!【Tech】Parallax ScrollingTHX to the famous blog: