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  1. yaoxun007

    New shape of tips

    [img src="" width="434" height="209"] It is used in the user education and the shape really attracted me. I 'm glad to see the content and the edu purpose achieved!
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    Experiencing QQ fm

    The reason why I write about it is that, I suddenly find some thing relevant to product. 1.Product is more that what it is like, sometimes you offer a function to users or you struggle to update some functions, but user don't buy it. you think you know the users, but actually you are fooled by them. 2.Focus on the core function. What user expect from a fm? A.easy, open and listen, so easy B.appealing, which means you'll have powerful logic to present appealing songs to users, otherwise, no matter how beautiful your site is, is in vain. QQ fm offer me a lot of options, like douban fm, which both pack content to a theme. themes are made a little mess and also too many. Most of the time I will not concern the web, it is beautiful or not, I don't care. Songs are the first things. Only I hear some awful or brilliant song, I will switch the tab to collect it.
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    What is PDM

    1.Make full use of all the sources available that can achieve your dreams 2.Clearly aware of future plans of your product 3.Offer what is convenient for users 4.Carry out what you want to do, now.
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    share from teddy E-commerce does not equals to product. As a pdm, experience is first, but for e-commerce, source is most important. Product serves the biz, and fuel it. Product better display or confer source to users. some other points: trends is a good product that can help us analyze the site 2.sns=get info + show me + connect&commu 3.generate pic when generate ppt 4.user edu is to convey a conception to users 5.fight for entrance 6.make a product to extreme 7.cut from a small point and enlarge it to extreme expense, and make sure that you are always alert to it 9.dif demand, quite dif chain is put first place, always and show love to them
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    The first sight determines your browse habit

    When you first see something on the site, you'll begin your browse from the place you start, ignoring other details above
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    360buy--an explaining email

    Communication positively with the users can better solve some dilemmas PM may be confronted. Users will not be triggered by this apology letter, although, it really bring you some trouble. [img src="" width="640" height="424"] When we deal with some orders that for some reason must be delayed, this letter can be an example.
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    After seeing this, what would you say?

    It has been a long time since I last log in the xb fighting. One day when I log in my QQ, this tip suddenly appears. What a way to keep users! [img src="" width="253" height="172"]
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    What's Indians' favorite sports?

    Found it when I browse an Indian ticket booking site [img src="" width="237" height="229"]
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    Buy myself a treat!

    When I came home after playing a whole afternoon with Mark Sun, I finally make a decision to buy National Geography, the magazine. My mom saw it and smiled: you finally buy one. "Do you really like it?" "Yes!" I answered with no hesitation. Mom said this is the second that I saw you really like something! Another one is a transformer toy when I was a little kid. I said to my mom that in fact I had some favorites when I was young such as Dragon Balls and Astronomy books. I like geography, English, novels, Gaoda and so on. But at that time we don't have enough money, so I never told you that I really want that. Mom told me, actually we had enough money. The word "money" for billionaires means nothing! They would not feel satisfied when you buy a National Geography magazine. They will just be a number! I feel it was right. And now, I am economically independent. Mom tells me to buy myself a good treat. Buy what you want and don't leave it a pity. [img src="" width="640" height="480"]
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    【Tech】Parallax Scrolling

    A popular technique makes you feeling the web is 3D when you scroll the bar! Amazing effect, actually, and only suitable for personal site Here are some of the examples: [link url=""] [img src="" width="640" height="299"] [link url=""] Personally I like this site most. A site to hire designers which best illustrate the power of parallax scrolling. [img src="" width="640" height="344"] [link url=""] [img src="" width="640" height="397"] [link url=""] This site is inspiring. When we need to educate the users, we can find some points to learn from it. [img src="" width="640" height="437"] [link url=""] This site is cool! a bodyguard's app and it is like a game! [img src="" width="640" height="335"] THX to the famous blog: [link url=""]
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    Test music blog

    [audio src="♫"] A comparably old song by Lihong Wang and Ling Peng, which can date back to my elementary years! At that time, there was a famous magazine called like "Time movie" or something which was quite popular! I remember my aunt bought some who seldom buy any magazine!
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    【Product】How to deal with waiting in a game

    When two player are fighting each other, one side thinking about the next move, the other side has to wait, how to deal with the boring moment? [img src="" width="266" height="178"] [img src="" width="389" height="203"] That's what xb fighting cope with it.
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    【Product】How to induce user to share?

    When I use a app in the sina twitter, I found that after the test result come out, this picture pops out to me: [img src="" width="427" height="239"] Who takes care of you most? When you see this picture, familiar and comfortable? It smartly record those who remark and spread your twitter most and recommend those people to you to share your result with. It's a smart idea! People tend to share information with those they feel comfortable and safe, they have a better chance to choose the "yes" button and share this app.
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    Trend of the Mobile Internet--Wanghua

    Found this picture when I browse QQ twitter, and some points worth taking a look. I take a summary as follows: Point 1: Basic functions to entertainment Point 2: Exploding Andriod Point 3: 2/2.5G main stream in a long turn Point 4: Second-tier cities prefer Andriod Point 5: Reading and SNS can keep users Point 6: Premium market first [img src="" width="440" height="5601"]
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    Chenman's vision

    Accidentally encounter the photographer Chenman's personal A very talented photographer, who takes photo for many celebrities such as Zhouxun, Fan bingbing(though I don't like the current queen in the circle), Gongli, Zhang jingchu. Her photo illustrate something beyond reality. She elegantly catches slight change of every star and record it in the camera. Personally, recommend this site to you~ I take a quick shot of some of the art pieces by Chenman. [img src="" width="531" height="728"] [img src="" width="366" height="729"] [img src="" width="640" height="424"] [img src="" width="484" height="730"] [img src="" width="556" height="732"] [img src="" width="480" height="733"] [img src="" width="591" height="732"]
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    【Product】MS&Tencent, empires being aimed at

    These are old pictures, so maybe it would not best illustrate the current situation these two giant in the internet faces. But to some extent it reveals something. Compare the differences, and find the similarity, that's the path they become dominated. [img src="" width="640" height="480"] [img src="" width="640" height="386"]
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    【Design】Would U like have such coffee?

    When you choose intenso, nothing would wake you up! [img src="" width="640" height="480"] [img src="" width="640" height="480"] [img src="" width="640" height="480"]
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    【Design】Mother nature doesn't work around U

    rt [img src="" width="500" height="250"] [img src="" width="500" height="250"] [img src="" width="500" height="250"]
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    【Design】 Creative donation AD

    Impressing! When you read this ad in a checking counter, will you give out your change? [img src="" width="640" height="588"]
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    【Share】15 of the World’s Most Scenic Swimming Pools

    I always like water and sea. Overlooking my past 22 years, I seldom travel and record. Now I'm economically independent, so I'll be ready to reward myself a long journey to see the world. How deep I like geography when I was a child! I ran into this article and have feeling for it, so I share it to you. Summer’s sweltering heat is just weeks away, and if you’re already daydreaming about stunningly scenic swimming pools in exotic locales, there’s no inspiration like these 15 cool pools around the world. From the world’s largest man-made pool in Chile to cliffside infinity pools overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, these swimming spots are among the world’s most beautiful. Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore [img src=""] When most people envision a pool with an incredibly scenic view, they most likely think of tropical beaches, not skyscrapers – yet there’s no denying that the scenery at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel pool is absolutely breathtaking. Not only is this nearly 500-foot-long pool set into a rooftop skypark, 679 feet above the ground, but it’s an infinity pool, giving swimmers the feeling that they could swim right off the edge of the building. The pool looks out onto one of the world’s most modern cities, which is brilliantly illuminated once the sun goes down. Bondi Icebergs, Sydney, Australia [img src=""] Can’t decide between a peaceful swim in an enclosed pool or a romp in the ocean surf? You can have both at the incredible saltwater pool at Bondi Icebergs. The ocean waves break right into the pool. Unlike most of the other swimming pools on this list, Icebergs is open to the general public for a nominal fee. Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali, Indonesia [img src=""] (image via: redvisitor) Not only does each villa at the Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel in Bali have its own private infinity pool, but some guests get lucky enough to snag a room with a pool positioned directly over the main infinity pool for an experience unlike any other. From any of these pools, you can gaze into the jungle at monkeys and wild birds – not to mention a Balinese temple. Conrad Rangali Islands, Maldives [img src=""] (image via: kta public relations) What’s not to love about this gorgeous infinity pool at the Conrad Rangali Islands hotel in Maldives? Lounging on a chaise placed on a special platform in the pool, all you can see is sparkling, clear blue waters. Kempinski Hotel Ishtar, Dead Sea, Jordan [img src=""] (images via: theboyg, xihalife) Literally the lowest point on earth at 1,300 feet below sea level, the north end of the Dead Sea is a beautiful place, and the Kempinksi Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea is the ideal home base from which to explore it – particularly due to its collection of serene pools and lagoons overlooking the sea. Evason Phuket, Thailand [img src=""] (image via: edachsund) It’s difficult to imagine anything that could make this image of the adults-only infinity pool at the Evason Phuket Resort look more like paradise (except maybe a frozen organic daiquiri). Surrounded by 64 acres of tropical parklands and gardens, the Evason pool overlooks clear blue waters with a grassy island in the distance. Hayman Great Barrier Reef Resort, Queensland, Australia [img src=""] (images via:, sarah_ackerman) Seven times larger than an Olympic swimming pool, the pool bar at the Hayman Great Barrier Reef Resort in Australia is practically a small sea unto itself. Actually, it’s a pool-within-a-pool; the smaller central pool is freshwater and heated while the outer lagoon-like pool is as salty as the sea that lies just steps from the hotel. Four boardwalk bridges connect this little slice of paradise to the hotel. Intercontinental Hotel, Hong Kong [img src=""] (images via: intercontinental hotel, designsxtra) Another rooftop pool with a prime city view is the infinity pool at Hong Kong’s Intercontinental Hotel. Hotel Caruso, Ravello, Italy [img src=""] (images via: citalia) Renowned for its spectacular rocky cliffs overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, Italy’s Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful places in the world. At Hotel Caruso in Ravello, guests can enjoy these views from a heated infinity pool on a clifftop 1,000 feet above sea level. The modern pool is a stunning contrast beside the historic 11th century hotel, a former palazzo. Golden Triangle Resort, Chiang Rai, Thailand [img src=""] (images via: igor prahin) High above the Mekong River where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet is this elegant free-form infinity pool that seems to spill out onto the tropical vegetation that surrounds it. San Alfonso Del Mar, Chile [img src=""] (images via: hipster travel guide) The San Alfonso Del Mar isn’t just one of the most beautiful pools in Chile – it’s the largest pool in the world, measuring more than half a mile in length and reaching 115 feet deep (an amazing 11 stories!). The 66 million gallons of water needed to fill this mind-boggling pool come straight from the adjacent Pacific Ocean. It costs $4 million a year just to keep it clean. Hotel Joule, Dallas, Texas [img src=""] (images via: urban fabric, lost at e minor) Dallas, Texas is home to a stunning cantilevered rooftop pool, which not only juts out eight feet from the 10-story Hotel Joule, but features a glass end wall. Rio Calma, Fuerteventura, Spain [img src=""] (images via: bogoboo, krzysztof) The Canary Islands look even more magical when you’re enjoying the salt lagoon at the Rio Calma Hotel in Fuerteventura. The lagoon looks out over the white sand beaches that border the Atlantic Ocean. Cavo Tagoo, Mykonos, Greece [img src=""] (images via: bogoboo, homesresult) Gaze out at the iconic all-white architecture of Mykonos from the still, soothing waters of your own private infinity pool at the Cavo Tagoo Hotel. A number of rooms at the Cavo Tagoo have their own pools including the ultra-luxurious 2-bedroom Golden Villa, where the private walled infinity pool – secluded from view of other guests – offers a full sea view and blends right into the horizon. Gellert Baths, Budapest, Hungary [img src=""] Most interiors as beautiful as this are cathedrals, where it’s not exactly polite to lay on your back and stare up at the ceiling. In this case, however, leisurely gazing is not just appropriate but encouraged. Even in a country known for its luxurious spas, the Gellert thermal baths, built around natural mineral hot springs in an early-20th-century Art Noveau complex, are an amazing sight. The water in this pool, located in the main hall, is actually effervescent for an even more unique experience. thx to the writer! link: [link url=""]